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City Updates Ordinances To Comply With 2012 International Codes

Revised Codes

By Sue Curry Jones

The Ava Board of Aldermen convened Tuesday afternoon with three of four councilmen present for the session. Councilmen attending were Burrely Loftin, Keith Jones and Stan Lovan; Bill Long, a west ward alderman was absent. Mayor David Norman facilitated the meeting.

Administrative Director Peggy Porter reported the city’s cash account continues to remain steady with a balance of $1.8 million. As discussed last board meeting, Porter noted $250,000 has been set aside for the remodel of the proposed city hall building on South Jefferson, and additional funds have been marked for the payroll reserve fund. She advised that spending generally gets tight this time of year, as the budget year comes to a close.

In a 3-0 vote, councilmen gave Mayor Norman permission to sign a contract agreement with Layne Christensen Company, the water management company selected to plug abandoned well No. 7 south of Ava. Motions to proceed with the contract were by aldermen Burrely Loftin and Stan Lovan.

During the meeting, councilmen adopted seven revised ordinances, which brought city regulations into compliance with 2012 International Codes. The newly adopted codes cover the following topics: building, fuel gas, electrical, fire, mechanical, plumbing, and residential construc­tion standards.

These revised regulations replace 2006 standards, and may be viewed by clicking the link at the top of this story.

Council adopted each of the new ordinances with a unanimous vote.

Mayor Norman noted the tree removal project at the airport was progressing, and a second opinion had recently been attained as to the value of trees marked for cutting. Norman said he hoped to finalize the issue this week.

The municipal court docket dated Feb. 20 was approved as presented. Motions to accept were by aldermen Keith Jones and Stan Lovan; the vote was 3-0.

In closed session, several items were discussed, but no actions were taken.

The mayor and aldermen will meet again on Tuesday, March 24, the session starts at 5 p.m. The meeting is open to the public.