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Rowland Report 3.5.2015

Greetings from your State Capitol.  It sure appears that March will come in like a lion!  Hopefully the old adage will come true and it will go out like a lamb.  Hopefully our schools will remain in session and not have to be closed for inclement weather for the rest of this month and next.
Busy week at the capitol.  Lots of bills are now showing up on the House calendar and lots more bills are making their way through the committee process.  This week the House passed onto the Senate the following bills:
HB 42 establishes a system of school accreditation by building rather than by district and establishes standards for student transfers.
HB 92 changes the definition of “waters of the state”.
HB 125 specified that the directors of any industrial development corporation formed by a municipality in St. Francois County may be taxpayers and registered voters in the county.
HB 185 specified that ambulance district public funds deposited in certain banking institutions are secured.
HB 190 changes the laws regarding the protection of women’s health care.
HB 130 establishes the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Act.
HB 50 changes the requirements for disclosure of information regarding insurance holding companies.
HB 32 modifies the “Big Government Get off My Back Act.”
HB 141 repeals a provision relating to beef commodity merchandising program fees and will allow a vote to increase the beef checkoff amount to a voluntary fifty cents.  I voted against this issue.
HB 29 deals with the sale or transfer of agricultural land.  It helps with closing procedures.  It does not change the cap on foreign ownership of Missouri land.
HB 100 changes the laws regarding financial responsibility requirements for certified commercial pesticide applicators.  The amount of surety bonds required is increased from 25 to 50 thousand dollars.
HB 233 waives corporate registration report requirements for certain farming corporations.
HCS HB 16 is a supplemental budget bill that deals with the state emergency management agency.
All House bill information can be found at
We continue to draft bill language, debate bills, and change bills where it will help Missourians have a better life.  I continue to receive texts, e-mails, phone calls and personal visits about legislation.  I want to thank all these people that take the time to share their thoughts and I have even received a few “thank yous” from some that have contacted me.
As always, it is a privilege to represent you in state government.