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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Activity Report – 3.5.2015

During the week of Feb. 23 through March 1, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office answered 106 Calls for Service, arrested and booked 27 into the Douglas County Jail.
On Wednesday, Feb. 25, after an almost year-long operation conducted by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the South Central Drug Task Force (SCDTF), numerous subjects were arrested on multiple drug and stealing cases.
There were a total of 41 officers from the following agencies that participated in the round-up: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Ozark County Sheriff’s Office, Wright County Sheriff’s Office, Webster County Sheriff’s Office, Stone County Sheriff’s Office, Howell County Sheriff’s Office, Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri State Highway Patrol, SCDTF, Seymour Police Department, Hartville Police Department, and Cox Ambulance.
All of these crimes were committed in Douglas County and all of the warrants were issued out of the Douglas County Circuit Court. A huge thank you to Prosecutor Chris Wade and his staff, Judge Elizabeth Bock, Judge Craig Carter, Circuit Clerk Kim Hathcock and her staff, Douglas County Assessor Alicia Degase and staff, Probation and Parole, and a huge thank you to my staff that has put in long hours not only today, but over the last year to make this possible. This was a team effort by all.
The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the public for their patience during the episode of winter weather that we have had and may have in the future.  During hazardous weather conditions where it is not safe to be out on the roads the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will operate on emergency status only.  At this time we will take all information on all calls that come to the office; however, unless the call is a true emergency we will wait until the weather and road conditions clear before responding.
The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is currently looking for Curtis Cloud, DOB: 5/16/1984, Robyn Cole, DOB: 4/17/1973, and Cassey Dobbs, DOB: 3/17/1980, for outstanding warrants. We appreciate those that have called and provided information on those fugitives that were arrested this week. Currently there are 26 inmates in custody in the Douglas County Jail.
A friendly reminder for those with CCW Permits:  Please check the renewal dates on your CCW card.  Those that received their card from the License Bureau will need to check the upper right corner of their card for the expiration date.  The date of the CCW expiration and the expiration of the ID card doesn’t always match. All CCW applications require an appointment that can be set for you by phone, and CCW renewals can be done at any time.
If you have any questions about CCW’s or their renewal please call us here at the office.
If you have information regarding a crime or any information on the locations of the above listed subjects you are encouraged to contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 417-683-1020.
Sheriff Chris Degase