Douglas County Did Not Participate in Severe Weather Drill on Tuesday

The National Weather Service and the state of Missouri conducted the annual statewide tornado drill on Tuesday afternoon.
However, because of overcast conditions here, and the fact that schools were not in session due to the prolonged icy road conditions, storm warning sirens in Ava were not activated.
Ava/Douglas County EMA Director Billy Long said going ahead with the drill goes against the National Weather Service policy of not doing the drill if severe weather is in the forecast. Although severe weather was not in the forecast at the time the drill was conducted, the possibility of severe weather had been announced earlier.
Although storm warning sirens were not activated on Tuesday, residents are urged to spend some time this week considering how you would react in the event of severe weather.
March 2-5 is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Missouri. Residents are reminded that severe weather can mean much more than tornadoes. Flash flooding, dangerous lightning and strong thunderstorms are all a part of severe weather that should be included in your emergency planning.
Remember: A “watch” means conditions are right to generate severe weather or tornadoes. A “warning” means a storm is imminent and you should take cover immediately.
Residents of the Ava community are also reminded that the outdoor storm warning sirens in Ava are just that – “outdoor” warnings. Although the sirens can be heard inside most homes and business buildings in Ava, the sirens are intended to alert people who are outside.
If you are inside and there is a threat of severe weather, you should monitor a weather alert radio or a local radio or television station for the latest weather update.