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Looking Backward 2.26.2015

  25 Years Ago

February 22, 1990


Ava High School band students participated in the South Central Association all-conference honor band at Willow Springs on Jan. 27. From Ava were Renee Alvarez, Rhonda Lee, Genessa McCullough and Genet McCullough.

Larry Smith, who manages 200 acres of woodlands in Douglas County, was named Regional Tree Farmer of the Year Friday, Feb. 2, during Tree Farm Day at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The Ava High School S.A.D.D. chapter and FHA / HERO teamed up to sponsor a Valentine Sweet-heart Dance last Saturday night. During the evening, participants elected a king and queen of the dance, who were Mike Herrell and Angie Chaffee. Attendants were Sandy Downs, Holly Stillings, Debbie Kester, Jeff Emrick, James Ellis and Glen Cornelison. Some 100 persons attended the function.

Eric and Mary Shrable of Dogwood proudly announce the birth of a daughter, Elizabeth Jeannie, born at 9:57 Feb. 9.

Mr. and Mrs. Orval Inman will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swearengin celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, Feb. 4 at Eastern Gate Baptist Church.

Rebecca French, Ava, was notified recently that she has earned a place on the dean’s honor roll for the fall 1989 semester at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Doin Uhlmann of Drury recently landed a 20 lb. striped bass while fishing on Norfork Lake.

1989-90 officers of the Ava High School FFA Chapter are Kale Adam, Sean Dobbs, Ruthie Gooden, Tonya Stonerock, Ronnie Burton, Eddie Downs, June Gooden, Landon Johnson, Travis Graham, Reggie Bray, Chris Wade, Larry Shumate and Danny Lee.


50 Years Ago

February 18, 1965


The promotion and transfer of Bill Nelson, district ranger of the Ava district of the Mark Twain National Forest, was announced this week by the U.S. Forest Service. Replacing Nelson will be Charles Howe of Houston, Mo., who served here about two years ago as assistant range.

The Douglas County Parent-Teachers Association will present two one-act plays at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 25, at the Ava High School gymnasium under the direction of Mrs. Wilma Fish.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gott were the honorees at a miscellaneous wedding shower given Saturday night, Feb. 13, in the MFA Hall. The Gotts were married Jan. 30. Mrs. Gott is the former Carole Loftin.

Mrs. Bill Shrader of Downey, Calif., the former Sue Tate of Ava, is scheduled to appear as one of the two contestants on the television game “Concentration” on Wednes­day morning, Feb. 24. Mrs. Shrader is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Herd of Ava.

A pajama party honoring Toni Ann Jenkins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Jenkins of the Sunrise Hill addition, on her eighth birthday, was given Saturday night in the Jenkins home. Those attending were Becky Prince, Pam Evans, Cynthia Knerim, Trudy Monger, Gail Norman, Brenda Huffman, Mary Susan Moore, and Vickie Cagle.

BASHER –– Mrs. Garry Hall is in St. Louis visiting her brother, Bernie, who is a patient in Barnes Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest H. Hamby of Ava will observe their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, Feb. 28, with an open house in their home from 2 to 5 p.m.

Local FFA Officers –– Jose Duran, president; Greg Alsup, parliamen­tarian; Larry Wrinkles, treasurer; Wallace Sagerser, senti­nel; Terry Dye, secretary; Douglas Evans, vice president; Jim Hicks, reporter; Mitchell Peebles, chap­lain.

  1. TABOR –– The Harold Hodges got their telephone installed last week. They are setting the telephone poles into Tan Hutchison’s place now.

Howard Ridenour, who has been an employee at the House Shoe Store for a number of years, has accepted a position in Springfield at the Merriman’s Service Station, 3440 South Campbell.

FOIL AND CLARK –– Randy Reid of Ava spent the weekend with his friend, Rocky Degase.

BROWN BRANCH –– Edna Roberts had as guests Feb. 11, Mable Albright, Ruth Siler, Ruth Blair and Gail Blair and two children of Bradleyville.

SWEDEN – Mrs. Neva Vinson, Larry and Donna visited Mr. and Mrs. Harley Hancock and family Friday night.

A clairvoyant is a person who knows where the flashlight is when the lights go off.


75 Years Ago

February 22, 1940


A man believed to be the hot check artist who gyped Ava merchants on $44.76 worth of hot checks here October 21 now is in the custody of the law in Taney County, according to Dr. F.F. Schudy, who identified him in Forsyth Thursday last week. According to Dr. Schudy the man held in Forsyth is the same one for whom he cashed a $5.85 check after pulling a tooth for him. The check, like eight others left here, was no good.

Anonymous gifts amounting to $450 have been received in Ava this week by four persons, three of them former merchants and the fourth the widow of a former merchant. The gifts were received in the form of bank drafts and cashiers checks from Kansas City Banks. Monday three Ava men presented checks at the Citizens Bank here. They were Brush Judd, Luther Story and Jack Blair. On Tuesday Mrs. Grace Singleton, widow of John Tom Singleton, came to the bank with a check for $100. Such checks do not bear the name of the sender, but are inscribed with the name of an officer of the bank on which they are written.

Ava’s volunteer fire department now has $45 with which to purchase furniture and equipment for a proposed new city firehouse, according to O. M. Swick, fire chief. The department cleared $40 in a dance held Thursday night in the Roscoe Spurlock building.

The opening of the Collier Auto Supply store on the south side of the square is announced this week by A. B. Collier. The supply store is occupying the building formerly occupied by the Polly Prim Shop, and is disposing of the last of the stock of the Polly Prim store. The new store is one of three operated by three brothers. The other two stores are at Harrison, Arkansas, and at Monett, Missouri. The other brothers are C.W., who operates the Monett store, and E.L. Jr., who operates the Harrison store.

A daughter was born Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dilsaver. She is the Dilsavers second child, both daughters.

Mrs. Helen Baker, Miss Betty McClendon, Harlan House and Basil Spurlock were in Springfield Monday evening and attended a dance at the Shrine Mosque where Little Jack Little and his orchestra were playing.

Jerry Dean Hutchison, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Hutchison, is recovering from a very serious attack of bronchial pneumonia.

There was a terrible boiler explosion at the sawmill of Harrison Souder, located one and a half miles from Rockbridge, Ozark County, on the 15. Mr. Souder, the proprietor of the mill, was blown through the roof of the mill, terribly scalded by the steam and received a blow on the head, which cracked the skull.   The cause of the explosion was a defective and worn out boiler, with pine knots for fuel.

  1. TABOR –– The Ed Herrel family moved last week to their new home, the Paul Waterson place. The Waterson family moved to the John Holt farm on Spring creek.


100 Years Ago

March 4, 1915


Between $1,500,000 and $2,000,000 will be extended on the properties of the Kansas City, Ozarks & Southern Railroad, as a result of a decision favorable in the owners in the circuit court at Springfield, Saturday. The road between the Ava-Mansfield line will be extended for probably 50 miles.

Some work is being done on the streets of Ava this week. Rock is being hauled and pounded up on the west side of the square today.

Happenings at the Douglas County Normal –– In a test in Arithmetic in the 6th grade this week, the grades were as follows: Clifford Reynolds, 98; Charlie Carter, 93; and Joe Spurlock, 91.

Almost a three-inch snow fell here Saturday morning. Now the boys can rabbit hunt.

James T. Clinkingbeard has bought the old Darnel farm one mile northeast of town, and expects to move onto it and farm this season.

Mrs. Jack Waters, of four miles north of town has bought a brand new cream separator and says she is going to sell cream instead of butter in the future.

Ed Archer, who was raised on a farm a few miles south of Ava, but who for the past few years has been a hotelkeeper at Hartville, was in Ava last Friday shaking hands with his many friends.

March this year came in like a white-fleeced lamb, but the sun soon melted most of the snow, and sent the water whirling and tumbling down the rivers and streams which empty into larger rivers, flowing into the Great Mississippi on its hurried course to the Gulf of Mexico.

Representative Curry has intro-duced a bill, which will give every county fair or poultry association in the state a free lecture course in agriculture.

J.H. Hawkins, last week, bought from Dr. J.H. Murray twelve acres, a part of the late Whit King farm, just north of town.

  1. M. White has closed his bakery in Ava on account of ill health and will live on a farm in the east end of the county in the future.


125 Years Ago

February 27, 1890


The location of the World’s Fair to be held in 1892 will be fixed by Congress this week, and the present indications are that New York will secure it.

Cheap sugar outside the country, and Claus Spreckeis inside, have reduced the profits and lessened the potential of the refiner’s combination.

Brazil is delighted at the recognition of the new government by the United States. Now all the Brazilians, by establishing the republic on a safe and satisfactory basis, show that this recognition is deserved, the United States will be pleased.

France’s public debt is greater than that of any other nation, and is increasing at the rate of $100,000,000 or $200,000,000 every year.

It seems that the Ohio Bourbons are liable to meet with insurmountable obstacles in their attempt to gerrymander the Congressional district of the state so as to secure a majority of the state representatives at Washington.

No mail on Tuesday, the heavy rains of Monday having swollen Bryant Creek past fording.

  1. F. Tallman has taken the contract for the completion of the circuit court room and will have it completed in time for circuit court in March.

J.H.E. Osborne and John Farley, of Spring Creek Township have gone to northern Arkansas, where they expect to purchase a drove of cattle.

Marriage licenses have been issued since our last issue as follows: W.S. Dunn to Almarinda B. Comer; Thomas Shelton to Mamia Turner; S.E. Boone to Mary E. Silvey; Z.G. Andrews to Oma V. Robertson; James Carrick to Mason Upchurch; Louis Bell to Malissa Shipley.

The Arno Normal School, under the supervision of Profs. Kay and Morris, is making fine progress. Capt. Sam Turner has just completed the erection of a new building to be used as a boarding house for students and which was a much-needed improvement for the accommodation of the rapidly increasing patronage of the school.

Taney County is having considerable trouble in regard to the location of the new courthouse. It seems that funds have been apportioned by the county court for the erection of a courthouse at Forsyth, and new opposition for the removal of the county seat from that place has been signed by a large list of taxpayers of the county.

CLEVER CREEK –– Elmer Potter took out a marriage license recently, but failed to consummate his arrangements as the girl changed her mind.