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Looking Backward 2.12.2015

25 Years Ago

February 8, 1990


Four individuals were rescued from the floodwaters of Cowskin Creek last Thursday afternoon after the car in which they were riding was swept off the low-water slab on a county road west of Ava. The 1968 Chevrolet was washed some 75 to 100 feet downstream, and as it filled with water, the occupants escaped to the trunk, which remained out of the water.

Douglas County Prosecuting Attorney Souder Tate filed a peti­tion this week to prevent Circuit Judge Al Turner from transferring $3,500 from the county’s law library fund to the general fund. County Clerk Bill Merritt said the county commission was instructed by Turner last month to transfer $3,500 from the law library fund to the general fund to be used for salary increases in the sheriff’s department. Merritt refused to make the budget change without a court order, which was subse­quently issued by Turner.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melton of Ava are proud to announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Rena Lee, to Trampus Todd Taylor.

Charles and Wilma Fish, of Gainesville, provided entertainment for the meeting of the Ava Study Club last Saturday afternoon. The Fishes shared stories of the past and played music on old acoustical instruments.

Dean Rondal Bell, academic dean of Central Methodist College, has announced that Dennis Scott Silvey, Ava, is included in the college’s Dean List of 213 students for work completed the first semester of the 1989-90 academic year.

Four students from Ava have been selected to participate in the 1990 South Central All-District Junior High Honor Choir at Evangel College. Choir members from Ava are seventh graders Amanda Barnes and Jennifer Corum, and eighth graders Michelle Moore and Teather Etenburn.


50 Years Ago

February 5, 1965


Chamber of commerce officers for 1965 were installed at a recent meeting of officers and directors. They are Claud Gaulding, president; Orville Murray, vice president; Bryan Leeper, treasurer; E.L. Yeoman, secretary.

The powerful Bradleyville Eagles won the opening round game in the Ava Invitational Basketball tournament here Tuesday night by defeating the Bears, 83-53. Bradleyville and Gainesville emerged as first round winners.

One of Ava’s newest developments, Davis Corner, has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Rondo Prock of Ava. The three-acre enterprise facing Highways 5 and 14, at the northwest edge of Ava contains a 15-unit motel with swimming pool, a service station, a restaurant, realty office and telephone company garage.

The Conservation Commission will release 150,000 kokanee salmon –– which haven’t even been hatched yet, into Lake Taneycomo this year. It will be the second of a series of four planned introductions of these fish into the lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ellison (Corrine Beason) of Ava announce the birth of a son, Timothy Brent, on Jan. 25 at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield. The baby weighed eight pounds and 13 ounces. They have another son, Jeffery Thomas, 2.

Virgil Melton of 713 SE 4th Avenue, was honor guest at a surprise birthday dinner held Sunday, Jan. 31, at the MFA Hall in Ava.

BASHER –– Mrs. Rena May Miller and Mrs. Gertie Hall left for St. Louis Saturday morning to be with Bernie Deatherage in the hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Posey and sons, Roger and David, entertained with a birthday dinner Sunday, Jan. 31, at their home in Rainbow Ridge when they honored Mrs. Posey’s mother, Mrs. Raymond Hart, who would be celebrating her birthday on Monday, Feb. 1.

Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Hewitt of Crowley, La., recently purchased a 360-acre farm near Cedar Gap from Eldon King of Flippin, through the United Farm Agency here.

Miss Dixie Lee Luallen was honored again on Tuesday evening, Jan. 27, when her roommates, Miss Shirley Allen and Miss Viola Peterson, hostessed a personal shower at the girls’ apartment, 918 South Jefferson, in Springfield. Guests attending were Judy Souder, Karen Busby, Marilyn Hardikee, Linda Aseby, Mary Hoffman, Sherry Garrison, Myrna Pickens and Lena Hodges.

Miss Heather House entertained her friend, Miss Sandra Franks of Springfield, as a weekend guest in her home in Ava. They are freshmen students at Southwest Missouri State College in Springfield.

75 Years Ago

February 8, 1940


The members of the Ava Chamber of Commerce at the reg­ular monthly meeting held Thurs­day night last week, paid compli­ment to the officers of the organi­zation, for the past year by re-electing them for another term. They officers are W.I. Barker, president; E.L. Yeoman, vice presi­dent; Lloyd Reynolds, secretary; J.F. Curnutt, treasurer. J.W. Reese, Herbert Sell and John Fawcett were re-elected to the board of directors of the organization for a term of three years.

Steps were taken here this week to comply with pledges made by the Red Cross last fall to provide a full-time nurse for Douglas County, when President Judge Chas Moore, of the county court, approved the budget for such nursing service as submitted by the State Board of Health.

A Fireman’s Ball was planned by members of Ava’s volunteer fire department in their annual meeting held Monday night at the H. S. Cleaners. The ball will be held in the Spurlock skating rink building Thursday night. Feb. 15, and an orchestra is being engaged to furnish music for the occasion.

An Ava independent team lost to the Springfield Oilers 48 to 9 in the first round of the independent basketball tournament at Spring-field last week.

Sheriff L.M. Barnes, William Dewhirst, J.W. Reese and Willie Holt left Friday for Los Angeles California. The sheriff is transacting legal business there. The group will return to Ava this week.

Mattie Walker on Jefferson Street celebrated her 81st birthday Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Short of Squires entertained Sunday at a family dinner in compliment to their son, Eldon, who was celebrating his birthday anniversary. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Rube Short and children, Donald and Geraldine of Mtn. Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Short, Mr. and Mrs. John Dobbins and son, Harold, Miss Marie and Doyle Short.

The Women’s Christian Temperance Union is planning a temperance rally to be held at the Methodist Church Friday, Feb. 16, beginning at 7:30 p.m., it is announced by Mrs. Jesse Garrett, president.

Next to carrying a light, wearing something white is the best way for the pedestrian to make himself visible to the motorist at night.

GOODHOPE –– Mr. and Mrs. Frank Epps are the proud parents of a baby boy, born Saturday, Jan. 27.

The house of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lethco and family burned Saturday afternoon about 2 o’clock. Nothing was saved.

If you wish to gain a woman’s friendship and hold it, just ask her advice and follow it all the way.


100 Years Ago

February 18 1915


If all the Ava merchants were to get together and agree to buy everything our farmers could raise, there would be no hard times in Douglas County.

Let our slogan for 1915 be Good Roads, Better Farming, Better Stock Raising and Prosperity.

Small Pox at Cassville –– The schools, churches and theaters have been closed and all public gatherings prohibited there recently as the result of a smallpox epidemic. One boy died of the disease and twelve new cases discovered.

A very interesting debate between the 9th and 10th grades was given last Friday. Question was Resolved that the law should prohibit the publication of Infidel Literature. The affirmative speakers were members of the 10th grade Virgil Miller and Herman Humbyrd. Negative speakers of 9th grade were Vernon Holestine and Fred Andrews. Decision in favor of Negative.

Marriage License –– Donald Danewood of Cross Roads to Daisy Craig of Witty; Redford Johnson to Golda Woods, both of Mtn. Grove; Earl McCullough to Blanche Wimmer, both of Tigris; Henderson Haynes of Arno to Lona Lakey of Arden; Oscar Hammons of Girdner, to Enda Clark, of Silverton.

A surprise party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. McKaughan Thursday evening in honor of their won Wesley’s 18 birthday. The time was spent in games of various kinds. At a late hour dainty refreshments were served, after which each departed for their respective homes.

If you had a sore toe would you kick it and make it hurt worse? Of course not. You would doctor it up, get a shoe that fit and let it heal. Apply the same common sense to public improvements, particularly to Good Roads. Don’t kick, but boost and help improve. The result will make us all happy.

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Norris entertained at dinner last Sunday in honor of Miss Maud’s 17th birthday and Miss Opal Shank’s 13th birthday. Those present were Misses Hester and Ona Miller, Myrtle Shinpaugh, Elsie King. Messrs Quincy Norman, V.A. Dobyns, Russell Thompson, Willie Barker, Otto Clapp and Ernest Norris.

No man or woman who eats meat regularly can make a mistake by flushing the kidneys occasionally says a well-known authority. The moment you feel a stiff ache in the kidneys or your back hurts, take a tablespoonful of salt in a glass of water before breakfast for a few days and your kidneys will then act fine.


125 Years Ago

February 13, 1890


Probate Court is in session this week.

Born to the wife of Wm. Pennington, a girl.   The wife of Andy Pennington has been sick the past week with fever.

Prof. Mercer will start a class in German at the Ava Normal in a few weeks.

Fredrick Englehart proved up on his homestead before J.H. Martin on Tuesday.

Wm. Huff has sold his farm on Spring Creek Township to Mr. Whitesides, Dade County Missouri.

J.K. Bulger has been appointed census taker of the recorded indebtedness of the 14th Congressional district.

Seven new students were added to the roll at the Ava Normal on Monday morning.

J.A. McDaniel is erecting a residence on an 80 acres of land purchased by him from W.R. Potter, about one mile from town, where he intends to reside.

On Friday night, Jan. 31st, the storehouse of Paul Ellis was broken into and robbed of some $25 or $30 in silver, which had been left in the drawer. A few cigars were the only other articles missed. They effected their entrance by a back door by prying it off its fastenings. It had rained very hard that night obliterating all tracks, thereby leaving no clue to the perpetrators. It is to be hoped that some means will be found to identify the criminals.

A young man has been found dead 8 miles east of this place supposed to have been murdered. His body was found half a mile from the road by some boys who were hunting. An inquest was held February 3, but the body was so eaten by vermin the man could not be identified. A man in Shannon County reports that six weeks prior to this two persons passed his house and that at a neighbor’s house they begged something to eat and that one of the men was a large man and the other was about 17 years old and smaller than his companion. It is thought perhaps the dead body found is that of the younger man, and that the older one may know how he came to his death.

An interesting case was received Thursday evening at Johns Hopkins Hospital, in Baltimore. The patient has animals in the shape of snakes living in his blood. He is from Charleston, S.C. and has suffered from his peculiar disease more or less for twenty years. Many times his blood has been examined under the microscope and the snake shaped parasites have always been found present. This is the first case of the kind to put in an appearance at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Only 25 cases of this disease have been reported in this country.

Lewis N. Davenport has made application to the county court for a saloon license. The court granted the license, which was set at $250 for every six months.