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Looking Backward 1.22.2015

25 Years Ago

January 18, 1990


Herman E. Davis, retired Ava banker, will begin his duties Monday as C of C director. He succeeds J.G. Heinlein who retired last fall after filling that office for about 2 ½ years.

Pairings have been set for the 1990 Ava High School invitational basketball tournament that gets under way next Monday night.

Jim Greene, president of Citizens Bank of Ava, announces the promotion of several staff members at the local bank. New board members are Ava builder and lumber store owner Perry Posey, and Daryel Armour, farmer and merchant at Oldfield.   Bank staff members who were promoted include Colene Irby, promoted to assistant vice president; Betty Ridenour, assistant vice president; Marcia Davis, vice president; and Donna Cox, vice president and cashier.

Ava High School’s annual Hoopcoming coronation will be held Friday night at the Ava High School gym during the Ava-Mtn. Grove basketball game. Candidates for the title of Hoopcoming Queen are Mary Willis, Kelly Dobbs and Laura Hall, and for King, Halle Adams, Mike Freeman and Kendal Call.

Randy and Leigh Ann (Crain) Heriford are proud to announce the birth of their son, Adam Robert Herford. Adam was born Jan. 5 at 10:44 a.m. in Cox South, Springfield. He weighed 8 lbs., 20 oz. and was 20 ½ inches long.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mills (Shawna VanCamp) are proud to announce the birth of twin boys born at 7:01 and 7:24 p.m. on Jan. 5 at Cox South, Springfield. They each weighed 4 lbs., 10 oz., and have been given the names Brandon Lee and Bradley William.

Soaking rains that finally reached the Ozarks this week brought at least temporary relief to the serious fire problem that has kept landowners on their toes the past several weeks.


50 Years Ago

January 14, 1965


Former Rep. Claud Gaulding was elected president of the Chamber of Commerce in a meeting Thursday evening at the American Legion Hall.

Virgil Duren, 33, of Forsyth, accused in the double slaying of a retired couple at their farm home in the Theodosia community, was bound over Tuesday for circuit court on first-degree murder charges.

The Ava School System is in the process of organizing a cooperative program for the handicapped. A new program, Ava is the first school in the area to undertake the plan. The program will be under the direction of Mrs. Martha Jo Dougherty.

EL TORO, Calif. –– Marine Private First Class Verl L. Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Smith, of Route 5, Ava, has reported for duty with the Third Marine Aircraft Wing based at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, Santa Ana, Calif.

Two vehicles were involved in an accident on Jan. 11 at 8:15 a.m. six miles south of Ava on Highway 5, when a 1957 Chevrolet school bus driven by Alva Strong, 43, of Route 2, was struck in the side by a 1948 Chevrolet driven by Virgil Duckworth, 49, of Route 2. The accident apparently happened as Duckworth rounded a curve on the wrong side of the road and struck the bus. The driver was apparently blinded by the sun.

The Douglas County chapter of the National Farmers Organization held its regular meeting at the courthouse in Ava Dec. 28. Plans are being formulated for an NFO educational seminar at Ava on Saturday, Jan. 16, for all farmers, businessmen and other interested in agriculture.

Dear Mister Editor: Me and my old lady, as they say in the papers “observed our 45th wedding anniversary last week. We “observed” it just like the other 44, by getting up and starting the morning chores. We’ve got along pretty good all through the years, comparatively speaking. For instance, I was reading where a feller in Denver didn’t like the way his wife cooked his eggs for breakfast, so he throwed ‘em in her face. Whereupon she wham-smacked him over the head with a frying pan. That’s a mighty pore way fer a couple to start off the day. I learned 45 year ago that if I didn’t like my old lady’s cooking, to eat it with gusto. I also learned along about 43 year ago they ain’t no percentage in a feller arguing with his wife. As the old saying goes, you come up with a ton of logic and she’ll beat you every time with an ounce of tears. My old lady does the talking at my house and I do the listening and I’ve found this to be a might peaceful arrangement. I recommend this system nigh fer married couples that ain’t getting along too good. Yours truly, Uncle Ben.

75 Years Ago

January 18, 1940


Thwart of a purported attempt by terrorists in New York to overthrow the United States government was stopped Saturday night when agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation under J. Edgar Hoover arrested seventeen men and netted a small arsenal

After a few days of thawing weather during which most of the snow that has fallen here the past month has melted and soaked into the ground, the mercury this morning returned to a frigid position just four degrees above the zero mark.

Argument on a motion for a new trial for Buoy Taylor, sentenced two weeks ago to life imprisonment for the murder of Palmer Gililland in 1937, is scheduled to be heard in Ozark County Circuit Court in Gainesville Monday. The case has been tried three times, the first two trials ending a deadlocked juries.

Clifford Hutchison, son of Mrs. Tina Hutchison, of Norwood, Route 2, and Miss Nola McCoy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCoy, also of Norwood, Route 2, were married Tuesday night at Drury by Justice of the Peace Jim Bob Graham.

The startling cry FIRE greeted the ears of citizens of Gainesville 7:30 o’clock Monday evening. The fire in the Central Hotel was already breaking out under the roof of the portico in the front part of the building. People in the hotel had already discovered the fire in Dr. Van Winkle’s room. The doctor had lit a cigarette and gone from his room some time when loud shouts from the doctor’s room attracted attention of hotel people below who rushed up stairs to learn the trouble. In a very short time the whole building was a roasting furnace. The Webb Barbershop and Frank Johnson general store building soon also were in flames, most of the contents of the buildings had been removed. All that was saved from the hotel was a rocking chair and old stove. The body of Dr. Van Winkle was removed from the ruins shortly before midnight.

Temperatures on the battlefront in Finland have ranged down as low as 51 degrees below zero, the past few days making military operations there almost impossible, according to Associated Press and United press news dispatchers, but nevertheless stories of Finnish successes continue.

Congress is pretty badly muddled up over the latest Roosevelt budget of estimated expenditures and receipts for the government’s next fiscal year. And well it may be.

GOODVILLE –– The snow and cold weather have kept the Sunday School closed for four Sunday.

GIRDNER –– Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gunter have moved to Rockbridge.

Complete Grease Job, 65¢, Car Wash 50¢. We believe we can back up our statement when we say that our lubrication system is the best that can be had! Williamson & Duff Standard Oil Service.


100 Years Ago

January 28, 1915


Representative I.T. Curry of Douglas County introduced a bill in the House today to repeal the 1913 act, which appropriated $10,000 with which the state bought and furnished a residence for the deputy warden of the penitentiary. The bill provides that the residence be sold to the highest bidder and the money returned to the state treasury.

St. Peter’s Square in Rome was hard hit by the earthquake. The obelisk was shaken and badly damaged. The famous colonnade was lowered four feet, and the adjacent house, once occupied by the sisters of Pope Pius X was seriously cracked.

The Prince of Wales has earned a name for himself in the war and now has been promoted to be a dispatch bearer.

Butchering is about all over in this neighborhood, and most of the people have plenty of meat to eat.

We had more slick ice here the first of the week, but no snow as is reported from other parts of the state.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Strong of Ava are the proud parents of a fine baby girl, which made its arrival last Sunday evening.

W.A. Clinkingbeard has bought Mander Turner’s interest in the butcher shop, and he will “try his hand” at cutting meat in the future.

WANTED – To trade for Missouri land, one 5-room house, rented for $3.00 per month. Located in Greede, Colo. Trade with owner. W.S. Lewis, Greede, Colorado.

DENLOW ITEMS –– Cal Neiman spent the past week with his sister, Susie Souder.

MARRIAGE LICENSES –– Grady Wood of Phlegton to Bettie Reed, of Ann;   M.J. Bradley of Roy to Ruby Creech, of Arno.

C.W. Meeker has retired from the milling business in Ava, having sold his interest in the Ava Milling Company to his partner, E. W. Mankin, who will continue business at the “old mill.” The mill has been a success since Meeker & Mankin bought it a few years ago, and you may “bet your boots” that it will continue to do a good business as long as Emmett Mankin is manager.

The American men and women must guard constantly against kidney trouble, because we eat too much and all our food is rich.

What has become of the old fashioned man who used to predict the weather with a goose bone?


125 Years Ago

January 23, 1890


The black measles are raging in Foxville, Ky. There have been three deaths and over 100 cases so far.

Intelligence has been received here that Don Carlos, the Spanish pretender, who is now at Gratz, Austria, is plotting a rising in Spain.

Another cold wave strikes Ava on Sunday at 3 p.m., the thermometer indicated 72º above zero, and at 3 a.m. Monday the mercury had fallen to about 12º above zero, a change of 60 degrees in twelve hours.

Kansas City is to have a new union depot near the new “Winner Bridge.” Five railroads at least have arranged for terminus facilities there.

A fight with pistols and rocks, resulting in the death of General Johnson of Douglas County, took place at the residence of Wm. Vaughn, about 12 miles southwest of Ava on Friday, the 18th. William Vaughn and General Johnson were brothers-in-law, and have been in a troublesome dispute about the locations of a county road, which runs near their farms, for some six months past. Vaughn had just returned from a mill trip to Rome, when Johnson rode up to him on horseback and a few words passed between them. Both men dismounted, and commenced throwing rocks, which was quickly followed by the drawing of pistols and the firing of three or four shots. Johnson was struck in the head by two balls, making two wounds either one of which was fatal, and fell dead on the spot. Vaughn gave himself up and is now in custody of the sheriff.

Mr. Marshall Field has supplied a site for the proposed new Baptist University at Chicago. He has done it by donating for the purpose ten acres of land, valued at $100,000.

The superstitious belief that human beings should sleep with their heads toward the north is now believed to be based upon a scientific principle. The French Academy of sciences has made experiments upon the body of a guillotined man, which go to prove that each human body is in itself an electric battery, one electrode being represented by the head and the other by the feet. The body of the subject upon which experiments were made was taken immediately after death and placed on a pivot free to move in any direction. After some vacillation the head portion turned toward the north, the pivot-board then remaining stationary. One of the professors turned it half way around, but it soon regained a position with the head-piece to the north, and the same results were repeatedly obtained until organic movement ceased.

Frank Curnutt is erecting a new dwelling on the south side of town.

Elias Cobb of Ava has sold his blacksmith shop to Charles Otwell, who will continue his business at the old stand.

It is rumored that Ava is shortly to have a wagon shop. It is a good location for a business of this kind and will undoubtedly pay.

Dr. Harper informs us that the son of Wash Privett, aged 13 years, living about 4 miles west of town, was taken sick on Monday night, and died on Tuesday night, a sickness of about 20 hours. The Dr. says that in all his practice he has never met a similar case and thanks it must have been the la grippe and pneumonia combined.