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What About This…? 1.15.2015

By Wayne William Cipriano

Flip Flopping: a pejorative term usually applied to an intellectual position, belief, opinion, philosophy held by another person who used to agree with the speaker but has now changed his or her mind (opposite of finally seeing the truth).

One takes a position on an issue based upon all the information and logical operations available at the time (fire is so beautiful, it must be wonderful to taste). One collects additional information and/or re-examines one’s logical procedure (one licks a hot ember). One refines one’s position based on that new information and/or one’s logical evolution (fire is good to look at but should not be touched).

This procedure is often referred to as education, and intelligent people spend a great deal of their waking hours involved in it. We might want to consider this the next time a flip flopper is identified.