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Looking Backward 1.7.2015

25 Years Ago

January 4, 1990


Sheriffs from at least five southwest Missouri counties and another five officers from the Mis­souri Department of Agriculture joined Douglas County Sheriff Roldan Turner at a public meeting here Tuesday night, which focused on cattle rustling. Highway Patrol officers from both Troop G, and Troop D, also attended the meeting, which saw more than 150 stockmen and other concerned citizens crowd into the circuit court room.

The 62nd Recruit Class of the Missouri State Highway Patrol be­gan training at the Law Enforce­ment Academy in Jefferson City on Jan. 2, with graduation scheduled for June 8. Included in the class, which includes some 50 candidates, is Curtis R. Haden, of Ava.

U.S. Congressman Mel Hancock recently presented Mrs. V.A. Shull, Ava, D.A.R. regent, with a U.S. flag that had flown over the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

AVA ELDERLY HOUSING –– We had three birthdays in Dec.… Marjorie Buck, Nigel Oxley, and Erma Karr.

SQUIRES –– Fern Kresse and her dad, Harvie Graham, went to Norwood last Friday to pick up some pork. I’m tempted to say that it sounds as though they may be “eating high on the hog,” but I won’t.

RED BUD VILLAGE – Recent callers in the Havens home were Nellie Norman, Bonnie Reid, Melba Roper, Margaret Sparnicht, and Darrold and Ruth Evans, and Ann Dowell.

Thelma Posey and Valerie Olson of Thelma’s Tax Clinic, Ava, have attended two income tax seminars this fall in preparation for the coming tax season.

V.F.W. News – Our post is pleased to welcome new members Herbert Porter, Cleo Robison and Bill O’Homer, and new Life Members Harry Shelton and Bill Roberts.


50 Years Ago

December 31, 1964


Two new county officials will take the oath of office Friday. Chancy Sherman will begin his tenure in office, replacing Sheriff Don Souder. Mervin Case who defeated Representative Claud E. Gaulding will also assume his duties on Jan. 1.

The annexation of approximate-ly 400 acres of property adjoining the city limits on the west was approved in a special city election Tuesday. The increase in city boundaries became effective upon passage.

In Douglas County population, out of a total of 116 deaths from all causes in 1962, according to the latest vital statistic report, 63 were due to heart ailments. Of these, 12 were attributed to strokes.

The continuing growth and expansion of Ava will mean a higher standard of living for residents in the county. Plans are underway for a country club with golfing and swimming privileges, which will mean more and better recreational facilities without leaving home. Others are working on plans for baseball diamonds for increased little league activities.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Beard (Janice Calvin) of Mtn. Grove, announce the birth of a son at 5:55 o’clock Friday afternoon Christmas Day, Dec. 25, at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield. The baby, who has been named James Kendall, weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce at the time of birth.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. McBride (Brenda Sivils) of Ava announce the birth of a son, Sunday morning, Dec. 27, at Burge Protestant Hospital in Springfield.

Airman 2-c and Mrs. Dennis Cunningham announce the birth of a daughter, Kelly Lynn, on Dec. 15 at Tinker Air Force Base Hospital. She weighed 5 ½ pounds.

Circuit Judge Joe C. Crain of Ozark has announced the opening on Jan. 4 of law offices in the telephone building in that city. Judge Crain has served the 28th Judicial Circuit since 1952. Prior to that time he was engaged in the practice of law at Ozark.

Mr. and Mrs. Max Decker and daughter, Becky, entertained his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Decker of Tecumseh, as dinner guests in their home Christmas Eve, and during the after dinner hours the family held a Christmas gift exchange.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kellogg returned to Ava Tuesday night after spending the Christmas holidays in Milwaukee, Wisc., with their son, Tom Kellogg.

PLEASANT HOME – Hope we can all attend church next Sunday, it will be Rev. Alva Thurman’s time to preach at Pleasant Home.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, May it be full of good thing for you! Haynes Sinclair Station… Lawrence Haynes, Garry Hicks, Donald Ray Hinton, Leonard Potter, Howard Ridenour.


75 Years Ago

January 4, 1940


An Ozark County jury this morning (Thursday) found Floyd (Buoy) Taylor guilty of the murder of Palmer Gilliland and sentenced him to life imprisonment.   Taylor’s brother, Ralph, who was charged with him in the case, was released yesterday on the court’s instruc­tions that there was insufficient evidence to hold him. The case was tried before Judge Emory Smith of Monett. Ralph Taylor’s release was ordered Wednesday afternoon after all evidence had been heard, Ozark County Sheriff Lyman Stevens said. The jury started con­sideration of the case against Buoy Taylor late Wednesday and re­turned its verdict at 9 o’clock this morning. The trial started Monday.

Last summer Charles Oliver de­cided to leave his home at Mineola, Kansas to get away from drought and dust, so he bought a 200-acre farm near Bryant Creek east of Ava. After making several pre­liminary trips here he came a cou­ple of weeks ago and occupied an old house on the farm to get it ready to bring his family here. He installed electric light system and had a radio, washing machine, a car and a truck and full set of carpen­ter’s tools including some fine planes he used in his hobby of making violins. Friday night he sat up late reading then he filled up the stove and went to bed. In a few hours he judged about 4 o’clock he awoke to find the roof of the house in flames. He tried to extinguish the fire but it got away from him. He saved the car and truck but everything else burned including his clothes and a quantity of cash he had in his pockets. Clad only in underwear and socks he drove to the house of a neighbor, Cleve Vogt, who accompanied him to town to get him some clothes. In a local barber shop where he came to get cleaned up he said he had no plans about rebuilding.

The annual Jackson Day address of President Franklin D. Roosevelt will be broadcast from Washington, D.C. nation-wide over the National, Mutual and Columbia Systems, Monday, Jan. 8 at 10 to 10:30 p.m. eastern standard time.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Sell and little granddaughter, Gloria Suzanne Reynolds, were in an automobile accident on Highway 66, west of Springfield Sunday, but all escaped without injury. The Sells were on the way to Tulsa, Okla., where they were taking their granddaughter to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Reynolds, Jr. Their car skidded on the icy pavement and crashed into a cobblestone embankment, doing considerable damage to the rear end of the machine.

GOODHOPE –– Mr. and Mrs. James and family have moved to the farm north of Goodhope that belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Etzel Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jenkins have moved to the farm west of Goodhope, which they have recently bought from Frank Tate, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Bailey have moved south of Goodhope to the farm belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Abbey.


100 Years Ago

January 14, 1915


James DeGase, who lives near Noble, in Ozark County, and is a well-known farmer, was shot and killed by Andrew Fleetwood, a young farmer, also of that neighborhood. It is stated the trouble is the outcome of an old grudge between the parties, and the attention Fleetwood had been paying to Mrs. Maude Stanley, the sister of DeGase. A preliminary hearing was held at Gainesville last Monday and Fleetwood was bound over to the February term of Circuit Court. Attorney Stewart of Ava is employed in the case on the defense.

Quite an interesting trial was at the courthouse in Ava last Saturday, and the house was filled to almost its capacity. The City of Ava had arrested Howard Hitch-cock for selling goods without a license, and the trial was by jury. It seemed that the charge was for peddling goods, and they failed to prove that he was a peddler, as he went around before hand and took up orders then delivered the goods. At any rate the jury acquitted him of the charge. City Marshall Klineline informed us Tuesday that Mr. Hitchcock had taken out a City License, and that there would be no more trouble on that score from Mr. Hitchcock.

County Court is in session this week with the new judges: W.K. Dyer, Presiding; and S. J. Wallace and W. A. Davis, associate judges.

Melvin White and family who formerly resided here, and opened the City Bakery, have returned. They have taken charge of the bakery again.

I have sold my stock of general merchandise at Girdner, and ask all who owe me on account or note to call and settle by Jan. 23, 1915. W. W. Irby.

Atty. And Mrs. Fred Stewart delightfully entertained for their daughter, Miss Sybil on Saturday night the members of the Bachelor Girls Club and their Bachelor friends with progressive cards at six tables. Those present were: Misses Pearl Jenkins, Lela Curnutt, Ruth Davis, Mabel Wensel, Gladys Berger, Maggie Simmons, Maud Norris, Myrtle Curnutt, Myrtle Shinpaugh, Maude Carrick, Vestil Burdett, Vivian Snow, and Sybil Stewart, Messrs. V.A. Dobyns, David Votaw, Corbin Flair, Earl Kerr, Oden Reynolds, Cleon Dyer, Carlton Kerr, Otto Clapp, Phillip Wagner, Richard Stewart and Roy Singleton. V.A. Dobyns made highest score.

Grandmother kept her hair beautifully darkened, glossy and abundant with a brew of Sage Tea and Sulphur. Whenever her hair fell out or took on that dull, faded or streaked appearance, this simple mixture was applied with wonder-ful effect.. Wyeth’s Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy. You will get a large bottle of this old-time recipe, ready to use, for about 50 cents.


125 Years Ago

January 9, 1890


Almost every town of any importance in Missouri has a big religious revival and a murder case.

Fulton’s Christmas present was an electric light plant with all of the latest in improvements.

The St. Louis papers are so full of the gas steal now that it is dangerous to take them close to a candle.

A picnic party from Verona killed nine water moccasins at the head of Spring River on Christmas Day. A climate like that speaks for itself.

Audrain County furnished more export cattle this year than any county in Missouri. Audrain for steers, Callaway for mules, Jackson for men.

There are as many Republicans in Missouri as there are in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rode Island combined, and yet there are not enough to do any good.

In Algeria every girl born of native parents is tattooed on her forehead between the eyebrows, and just at the root of the nose with a cross formed of several straight lines of small stars running close together. These tattoo marks are a dark blue color. They sometimes use a needle, but more frequently a Barbary fig-tree-thorn.

Seasoning That Vultures Dislike –– A physician who was in the Mexican War is authority for a very curious statement. The Mexicans devour large amounts of red pepper, eating it at all times and places, as their brethren in cooler climes enjoy sweetmeats. He states that after a battle the where-abouts of dead American soldiers could be detected by the vultures, which would not touch the highly seasoned bodies of dead Mexicans.

Dull times in Ava this week. Rain every day since New Year’s making the road almost impassible and trade dull. No mail for Ava on Tuesday. Heavy rains have swollen the creeks until impassable.

The new whiskey distillery erected by Messrs. Klineline and Yandall will soon be in operation. The necessary apparatus was received last week.

The name of Heth post office, kept by John F. Patterson, has been recently changed to Silverton by order of the Postmaster General to take effect on the 1st day of January 1890.

G.W.D. Pettit, mail carrier between Ava and Mansfield, has sold out to Aaron Fletcher, who will take charge of the mail route on the 15th.

This certifies Patsey Bolivar, notorious hash muncher, has made himself remarkably notorious by eating up all the surplus bolognas laid in for the winter by Curnutt Bro’s.

Riley Hicks and Martha Riley were arrested and brought before Squire Lloyd of Jackson Township, Monday the 6th, charged with open and notorious cohabitation. They were proven guilty to the satisfaction of Squire Lloyd and each sentenced to nine months in jail.