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City Council Holds December Meeting

On Tuesday, Dec. 23, the city’s Board of Aldermen convened for a final business session in 2014, with the meeting starting at 5 p.m.

Upon the absence of Mayor Eddie Maggard, Board President Burrely Loftin served as meeting facilitator, with aldermen David Norman, Keith Jones and Bill Long, also present.

During the afternoon, only one business decision was enacted and that was a unanimous vote to pay a bill submitted by Smith & Edwards Construction Company, of Mountain Grove, Mo. The charges were for tasks associated with chlorinating well No. 7, and included equipment and labor costs from the initial start-up. The chlorination process was later rejected by council, and the well-site plugged. The bill totaled $16,509.04; motions to pay were by Bill Long and David Norman.

Councilmen also discussed and reviewed their choice to select Sapp Design Associates Architects P.C., of Springfield, Mo., for the remodel of the proposed city hall on South Jefferson Street. Recently, Sapp had submitted a contract for services, but after carefully reading the document, the aldermen agreed the fee structure was egregious, and contract details too complicated. Therefore, the board was hesitant to move forward and requested a follow-up with the firm regarding fees, and if terms are negotiable. If not, the board will reconsider and select a different firm for the project.

Councilmen discussed and tabled the following topics:

–– a bid from Vaughan Pool & Spas, of Jefferson City, Mo., for the concrete work and paint repair of the City Water Park pool areas. Repairs are slated for Spring 2015, with a proposed cost factor of $80,474.29;

–– Due to the possibility of a new business prospect in Ava, council noted the City of Ava has asked the administrator of the Drug Court to vacate the west end of the Rawlings Building and secure a new office location;

–– Revisiting the tree problem at the Admiral Bill Martin Municipal Airport, council members concurred additional time was needed to assess the problem and set guidelines for clearing brush and trees. It was also noted completing the tree trimming project is contingent upon costs and bids. During the discussion, several council members voiced concerns about proposed airport maintenance projects citing the city’s financial constraints as noted in the recent audit review. Expenditures, such as purchasing the Automated Weather Observing System; paying the ten-percent match for resurfacing the runway ($20,000); and clearing trees and areas for runway visibility, were cited as possibly overextending city funds.

Upon completing open agenda, the aldermen retired into a closed session meeting, and Administrative Director Peggy Porter reports no votes or decisions were made.

The aldermen will meet again on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015, at 5 p.m. The business meetings are held at Ava City Hall, 127 SW 2nd Avenue, in council chambers.

Meetings are open to the public.