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Looking Backward

25 Years Ago

December 7, 1989


The Ava Business Women’s Club Miss Merry Christmas is Kathy Stamper and Master Merry Christmas is Travis Robertson.

Joe Miller announced this week that he has opened a barbershop on the south side of the Ava Square. Miller has been a barber in Ava for some 25 years, and offers cut­ting and styling for men and women.

A golden eagle, which had been shot in the wing, was found in Douglas County recently by an archery hunter. The majestic bird was found in the Dry Creek area, about 10 miles northeast of Ava. The bird will live, but it had to have one wing amputated and will have to spend its remaining days in cap­tivity. It will probably be used for breeding purposes somewhere in the United States.

A log truck loaded with finished lumber caught fire and burned in the middle of Highway 14 west of Ava just after noon last Wednes­day. Cpl. Marty Elmore, of the Highway Patrol, said the 1978 Chevrolet truck was driven by James D. Pogue, 28, of Ozark. The truck was owned by Tony Lee Evans, of Ava.

Rosalie Grabeel Huffman retired June 30 after teaching 45 years. She began her career as a teenager, teaching in the low attendance rural schools of Douglas County. During summers, she attended Southwest Missouri State University and ac­quired a B.S. degree in elementary education, and Drury College receiving a master’s degree in remedial reading.

Louise Landers celebrated her 100th birthday, Saturday, Dec. 2, at her home.

Ava High School senior lineman Mike Freeman was recognized this week as a member of the Missouri All-State football squad. Senior Brian Barnes was also included on the Class 3A all-district first team defensive squad, and senior line­man Gabe Gehrke, was identified on the second team all-state team.


50 Years Ago

December 3, 1964


Grand opening of Richards Bros. Supermarket in new quarters one-half block north of the square on Jefferson is being held today through Saturday.   The newly-remodeled building is owned by Cecil and Homer Harley of Ava.

Carol Denney, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Denney of Wasola, was crowned “Miss Merrie Christmas” Saturday by Mayor Fred Lethco in a ceremony following the Christmas parade.

Cleo Cooper, of Cooper Lumber Company of Ava, and a brother, Bob Cooper of Mansfield, have been named honorary colonels by Governor-elect Warren Hearnes. They will participate in the inauguration on Jan. 1.

IT’S THE LAW –– No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law.

SAN ANTONIO, Tx – Airman George Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Young of Route 1, Ava, has completed the first phase of his Air Force basic military training at Lackland AFB, Texas. The airman is a 1964 graduate of Ava High School.

Terry Dye, senior future farmer student at Ava High School, has turned his FFA projects into a profitable business during his four years of vocational agricultural training. Dye maintains a herd of 20 cows which are a part of his project for the Ava chapter of Future Farmers of America. Besides 20 cows, he has 14 calves and has 10 acres of rye and barley, 20 acres of alfalfa, and 29 acres of permanent pasture. He also assists his father-in-law in farming 80 acres.

Miss Carol Elaine Bell became the bride of James Richard Silvey in a double-ring ceremony solem­nized Wednesday evening, Nov. 25, at 8 o’clock in the Theodosia Methodist Church by Rev. Lloyd Reynolds before an altar enhanced with floral arrangements of white mums highlighted with red satin bows.

Hiland Quality Chekd Dairy invites you to see and hear The Slim Wilson Show starring Slim himself, with the Tall Timber Band and Trio, L.D. Keller and the Promenaders, plus special guest stars! Every Saturday Night at 6 p.m. on KYTV, Channel 3. Brought to you by Hiland Dairy Products.

Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Ludwig, of north Ava, spent Thanksgiving in Monett as guests of their daughter and her family, Mr. and Mrs. William Cummins (Aloma Ludwig) and daughter, Candace Lee.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Brooks were pleasantly surprised last week when her twin nephews, Floyd and Laird Thompson of Ash Grove, arrived for an unexpected visit in their country home at Squires.


75 Years Ago

December 7, 1939


Shortened School Day Is Inaugurated – A shorter noon period was inaugurated at Ava High School Tuesday in order to shorten the school day and to allow students who ride the nine buses to reach their homes earlier in the day. The school day will begin as usual at 9 o’clock. The noon hour will be from 12 o’clock to 12:50, and school will dismiss at 3:45.

A change in Ava’s mail schedule which will be effective Monday is announced by Postmaster R. L. Ellis. According to the new schedule morning mail arrives at 6 o’clock and is ready for distribution when the post office windows open at 8 o’clock. The first dispatch of mail leaves Ava at 12:30 o’clock instead of 1:30 as it has been. The afternoon mail will arrive in Ava at 1:30 o’clock and be ready for distribution at 2:30 o’clock. The afternoon dispatch will go out at 4:30 o’clock.

Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Curnutt of this city will celebrate their fiftieth (golden) wedding anniversary tomorrow, Dec. 8. Mr. Curnutt is a native of Indiana, having moved to Douglas County with his parents while only a lad. Mrs. Curnutt, formerly Miss Lizzie Elmore, was born in Tennessee, but moved to Kansas while only a child. A few years later she moved to Douglas County with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Curnutt were married near Ava, on Dec. 8, 1889, and have resided in this county continuously since that time.

The way of the world is to make laws, but follow customs.

Several Ava people were in Buckhart Saturday night and attended a wedding shower and dance held in the home of Andy Moritz, which was given in compliment to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Uhlmann who were married Nov. 14. The guest list included 125 friends of the bride and groom.

AVALON THEATRE –– Sat. only, Matinee and night –– “Blue Mountain Skies,” a western with Gene Autrey, the nation’s No. 1 cowboy. Smiley Burnette adds plenty of fun. Every man, woman and child will enjoy this wonderful picture.

Thursday last week, the last day of November, just two months after Germany invaded Poland, Russia invaded the little neighboring country of Finland. Russia’s attack this week extends from Finland’s short coastline on the Arctic Sea, at the northern tip of Norway, southward along its eastern frontier to the Gulf of Finland and then westward to the Baltic Sea.

STAR –– Art Bacorn sawed wood for H. H. Platt last week.

SWEDEN –– Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peterson announce the birth of a baby girl November 23.

ARNO –– Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Staley and daughter, Dorothy, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gentry visited Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Leota Gentry and children.

During the weekend, Mr. and Mrs. O.M. Swick leased the Vanity Beauty Shop from B.E. Chinn. The shop will be operated by Mrs. Swick who for a few years was employed in Thelma’s Beauty Shop. The living quarters back of the shop will now house the H. and S. Cleaners, which is owned and operated by Mr. Swick.


100 Years Ago

December 17, 1914


Basketball games are scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights of this week between the Springfield Business College and Ava High School.

President Wilson and his Secretary Bryan have sent General Carranza, Provisional President of Mexico, a note of weeping, “that unless firing ceases along the border, the United States will be forced to take some steps to protect American territory.” Carranza’s reply is “If the United States employs force to stop the firing of Mexicans across the International boundary line it will be considered an unfriendly act.”

Just now ribbon flowers and new neck ruffs are keeping makers’ fingers always busy. With coats fastened up tighter about the neck and often finished with fur, there is provided just the setting for the little epaulette bouquet of bright satin roses or the small nosegay of several flowers made of ribbon.

We notice that some of the western states have started a “buy a bunch of shingles” movement. They claim that on account of there being a market for their product they have been compelled to shut down their mills or run on part time, until their workmen and families are actually in destitute circumstances. The “bay a bale of cotton” movement was a failure, and Congress had to appropriate a hundred million dollars to relieve the suffering in the cotton belt. Such is life under Free Trade Democracy.

MULLIGAN GAP –– Some of the neighbors are through shucking out their nubbins.

HEBRON NEWS –– Surveyor Dunn has passed Hebron surveying the route for the new county seat road.

EXCELSIOR ITEMS –– Miss Golda Spurlock is recovering from a long illness of typhoid fever.  There has been a number of cases of mumps around here recently but all are recovering.

SOCIETY NOTES –– Rev. and Mrs. George Curry and daughter Nola were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Clark Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Mose Silvey were delightfully entertained Saturday evening in honor of Misses Gladys Berger and Ruth Davis.

GIRDNER ITEMS –– Farmers are losing a good many good horses and cattle which is a great loss.


125 Years Ago

December 12, 1889


Missouri came just near enough to getting a place on the United States Supreme bench to miss it.

The Australian legislature has passed a law taxing all married couples living with their mothers-in-law: $200 if residing with the husband’s mother-in-law, and $120 if with the wife’s.

From one point in Missouri over one million cottonwood saplings have been shipped this year to Nebraska and Iowa to be planted on tree claims.

St. Joseph Gazette: “Every day brings to public attention some law passed at the last session of the legislature which bears on its face fresh condemnation of Jefferson City whiskey.”

Women have been admitted to the bar in all the New England states except New Hampshire and Vermont.

While fishing near Slaughter Beach, Del., a few days ago, a party of young men of Millford caught a veritable sea devil. It was nearly five feet in length, 2 feet 7 inches in width, and had an immense head.

The greatest beer drinkers are those of Munich. They drink 432 liters per head per year, against Vienna’s 254, Berlin’s 240 and Paris’ 22. This costs the Munich inhabitants on an average of $30 a head annually.

Tolstoi is now engaged in writing a criticism of dogmatic theology and preparing a new harmony of the four gospels in literature. Tolstoi belongs to the school of realism and in theology he follow the same systems. He believes in the literary teaching of Jesus.

  1. T. Hester has a mule that is in the habit of being driven to the schoolhouse every day in the week except Saturday and Sunday, and every Sunday he is driven to the Methodist Church. He says he can give it the lines to go at will and it will go the schoolhouse from Monday until Friday, but when Sunday comes it never fails to go to the church. He has tried it often, always with the same results.

Brooklyn is said to possess the largest breadmaking establishment in the world. The great bread factory there turns out 75,000 loaves a day, requiring, to produce this immense number, a daily supply of 360 barrels of flour. It gives steady employment to 550 persons in the bakehouse, and keeps 100 vans or wagons in daily use for the delivery of the bread throughout the city and neighborhood.

Ava is booming. Three new dwelling houses are being erected on Hamilton Avenue.

Ava was treated to quite a swell wedding on Sunday. Mr. Frank Curnutt and Miss Lizzie Elmore, were united in the bonds of matrimony by the Hon. Judge R. M. Burchett.

Foreign engineers report that at the present rate of sinking the northern coast of France will in a few centuries be completely submerged.