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Letter to the Editor 11.13.2014

Dear Editor:
Old people over 65 years old on Medicare. It has been reported a Medicare worker went to the hospital and told hospital workers to enroll people on Medicare as out-patients so they would not have to pay the bill. My wife went to the hospital for three days and had an operation. We were sent a bill for over $12,000.  Hospital employees said they waited too long to get Medicare to pay the bill (three days late, they said). My wife called Medicare and they gave the hospital 43 days to fill the bill. It still hasn’t been paid yet, two years later. Medicare had let 15 billion dollars in phony claims go through so now they don’t want to pay any bills at all.
Don’t let them enroll you as an out-patient or you will have to pay yourself. I wrote to the USA President and Vice President, and Governor of Missouri about this scam going on.
Hope this will help you.
David Gordan