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Dugger Report 11.13.2014

“Our veterans have borne the costs of America’s wars and have stood watch over America’s peace. And, today, every veteran can be certain: The nation you served and the people you defended are grateful.” – George W. Bush
So often it is easy to forget the blessing of freedom we enjoy as Americans.  Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of life it is so easy to lose track of the price that has been paid so that you and I can sleep peacefully at night.  Countless times throughout the two hundred years of American history there are reasons to thank the selfless act of a veteran for the freedoms we hold so dearly today.
Since the birth of America, the sacrifices of our veterans have preserved the freedoms we hold so dearly.  Men and women have left behind family and friends to fight on the frontlines in times of war and protected our liberties in times of peace.  Tuesday, November 11th we, as a country will take the time to honor these brave individuals.
We owe so much to our veterans, and will never be able say thank you enough.  Thanks to their service, America remains to be the “home of the free.” I strongly encourage you to attend your local Veterans Day ceremony.  Our veterans have given so much; it is the least we can do to give one hour in their honor.  As Brittany Skinner writes in her poem “Veterans”:

They were there,
And they remember,
The shock, the horror
Of watching strangers die.
A life ended
By a fellow soldier’s shaking hands.
The unimaginable debt,
Owed by a free world
Can never be repaid,
Still we try
Giving up an hour, a day
To thank you for the burden you now carry
Laid there so we can live our lives.
They fought,
And killed
Enemies with faces
Identities unknown to the bullets
Shattering the protective shield
Laid there by those they loved.
For one day a year we honor you
For our lives,
It can never compare
Still we try
Thanking you on this day
For a million moments
You lived so we could too.

Thank you to all the veterans who have and continue to protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  May we never forget that freedom is not free.