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The Snoop 11.7.2014

Apparently the Halloween gremlins were out in force last Friday night, and their prey was, of all things, my camera.
Back in the darkroom days there were occasional glitches caused by inadvertently exposing film or (not that I would do it but) taking a round of pictures with no film in the camera.  But in the digital age, when the picture is viewable when taken, we can have the assurance of a good picture before we move on. Right? Well, not necessarily.
Since I’ve been shooting digitally, I have had memory cards go bad, to the point that they would not format. But my experience last Friday night was unlike anything I have ever encountered. With no intention of boring you to tears – but to explain why we have no Halloween pictures and few pictures of the district football game, I will only say the pictures disappeared from my camera – or from the memory card. They were there when I took them, but then they were gone. Not all of them. Just the ones taken on Friday. It had to be a Halloween hex.
Bottom line is, we have no pictures of the Lions Club Halloween Costume Contest on the square, and the only pictures I have of the football game are those taken after I got that devastating “No Data” message and switched out the SD card late in the game.
I apologize to the Lions and to all those who participated in the costume contest. I regret having no pictures to publish with the names of the winners. Most of all I have to wonder if I did something to cause this; and wonder, too, when it may happen again.
We are at that time of year when high school sports are in transition. Winners keep playing and losers begin playing basketball. For Ava High School, it’s basketball.
Congratulations to the School of the Osage Indians that eliminated the Bears from the football playoff circuit last Friday night. The Indians will be in Mtn. Grove this Friday night to play the Panthers, and one of the teams will move on in state play.
Congratulations, also, to the Mtn. View-Liberty volleyball girls who won the state championship last Saturday, and to the Ava cross country girls and boys who took first and second places, respectively, at the district races last Saturday and will compete at state this weekend.
Now, back to Ava Bears football. It’s hard to believe the season is over; it seemed to go by so quickly.  I have not had a Friday night off since the first week of August. The fall sports venue began three months ago with the Booster Club Fall Kickoff on Aug. 8, then the football jamboree on Aug. 15, and games every week since.
I can honestly say I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a football season more. Could be because the weather was unusually mild for most of the season, and only one game, at Cabool, that was really wet. And even then, while the field was a loblolly, the rain was reduced to only drizzle by game time.
Could be because the Bears had a very successful season, losing only one game during the regular season and ending with a record of 9-2 with Friday’s loss to Osage. Could be because we only had four away games, however, three of the four were doozies – El Dorado Springs, Salem and Thayer. The little jaunt over to Cabool was nothing compared to the other three.
This Bears team was an enjoyable team to watch. The offense was so explosive, with so many big plays by so many different players. That, of course, is a credit to the incredible offensive line. But don’t overlook the defensive play of this Bears team, either. The same players that were pulling off those long runs and big blocks were also making bone-jolting tackles (often for losses), sacking quarterbacks and breaking up pass plays on defense.
They say time flies when you’re having fun, and this season was fun. To Ava’s head coach Dan Swofford and all his coaching staff, and to all the players, I can only say, Way to go, fellows. Thanks for the memories.