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Breedon School Reunion

Today was the Breedon School Reunion. I figure the rain might have kept some away because of fear the creeks were up. We had a total of twenty-nine in attendance. There was only one previous staff member, Gracie Williams. She was recognized with an announcement, a corsage and a kitchen set of oven mittens, two pot holders and two terry towels. The grand prize of a coffee maker was awarded to Jocelyn Jones by a numbered ticket. A raffle of three items consisted of a hydraulic jack won by Ken Wiles. The second raffle prize was a Shamtastic Chamois (shammy) towel won by Jonny Nelson. The third raffle prize was a twenty dollar Wal-Mart gift card. The lucky winner was Darlene Davis. The former student that traveled the farthest to be here today was Johnny and Pauline Pruett. They were given a beautifully scented candle.

We appreciate the businesses that graciously donated items for this celebration.

I appreciate the several people for their help in organizing and helping with the reunion – David Williams, Jonny Nelson, Cindy Blakemore and Joe (Cub) Lafferty. There were those who brought food as well and you are appreciated very much too. Alice Nelson organized the meal and she did a great job.

We also appreciate those of you that brought homemade and other items for auctioning – Jane Pruett, Gracie Williams and Cindy Blakemore. If I missed anyone please know we thank you so much also.

I know the reunion was written in the Breedon Church items, but I learned later it was not reported to the Herald’s calendar of events. I am so sorry if this is why you weren’t here. In the future, mark your calendars for the second Saturday of October. We sure don’t want anyone to miss out on the great fun we have.

If you want to know who attended you may call Joe (Cub) Lafferty 417-683-6408 or Ken Wiles at 417-683-3048. Hope to see you next year.