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7th & 8th Grade Volleyball Teams Play At Home

Ava 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams were at home on Monday, Sept. 15 and played host to the Lady Bears of Willow Springs.
Ava 8th grade defeated Willow in a two game match, 25-19, 25-20.  Gracie Heinlein served 13/14 and passed 15/19; Kenzie Lumley was 9/9 serving and 13/16 passing; Lauren Mendel was 2/2 serving and 3/3 passing; Macey Phillips was 12/12 passing and Ashton Beweley was 5/5 passing.
They also played an extra game that Ava won 25-9.  Araina Evans was 7/7 serving; Taylor George was 6/7 serving and 3/4 passing; Haley Hawkins was 5/5 serving; and Rebecca Elliott was 4/5 serving and 2/2 passing.
Ava 7th grade fell to the Willow Bears in two games 16-25, 20-25.  Makayla Miller was 5/6 serving and 7/8 passing; Jessica Schneeweis was 4/4 serving; Faith Lansdown was 2/2 serving and 2/2 passing; Olivia Heriford passed 7/7; Claire Fossett was 5/5 passing; Regan Koop was 7/7 passing and 1/1 hitting; Emaly Keyes was 5/5 passing and 1/2 hitting.
The 7th grade also played an extra game.  Jessica Schneeweis was 4/4 serving, Faith Lansdown was 2/3 serving and 1/1 passing, Grace Roberts was 1/1 serving and 2/2 passing.
On Tuesday, Sept. 16 the Lady Bears played at home again taking on West Plains.  Both Ava 7th and 8th grades defeated the Zizzers.
Ava 8th grade took the match after three games, 8-25, 25-14, and 25-12.  After falling apart in game one, Ava got it together and played as a team and defeated West Plains soundly in games two and three.
Gracie Heinlein served 13/13 and passed 16/19; Taylor George came in and served very strong for the Lady Bears, serving 10 of 10 straight points and passed 3/3. Kahli Miller was 11/11 serving and 9/11 passing; Kate McDonald was 4/5 serving, 22/24 passing; Macey Phillips was 10/11 passing and 1/1 hitting; Kiaunna Snow was 4/4 passing and 1/1 hitting.
Ashton Beweley was 6/7 serving, 7/9 passing, 5/5 setting and 1/1 hitting; Kenzie Lumley was 6/6 passing; Jada Gunter was 4/4 serving, 8/9 passing and 3/4 hitting, and Lauren Mendel was 13/15 passing and 3/4.
In the extra game Ava lost to West Plains 18-25.  Haley Hawkins served 8/8 and was 4/5 setting; Taylor George was 4/5 serving and 2/2 setting. Araina Evans was 2/2 serving, 3/3 passing and 1/1 hitting. Emily Frampton was 9/11 passing; and Rebecca Elliott was 3/3 serving.
Ava 7th grade defeated the Zizzers in a two game match, 25-17, 25-15.  Emaly Keyes was 10/10 serving and 4/4 setting; Jessica Schneeweis was 8/8 serving; Olivia Heriford was 4/4 serving, 15/18 passing, and 1/1 hitting. Regan Koop was 7/8 passing; Quincy Kelly was 9/11 serving. Makayla Miller was 9/12 serving, 10/12 passing and 1/1 hitting; Faith Lansdown was 3/4 serving and 2/2 passing.
In the extra game Ava lost to West Plains 18-25. Quincy Kelly was 4/4 serving; Faith Lansdown was 5/6 passing and 1/1 serving; Eden Little was 2/3 passing and Kennedy Meyer was 2/3 serving.