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Soccer Schedule

September 27, 2014


9 a.m.- Payroll Advance vs. KHAOS

10 a.m.- HomePride Bank vs. Longdollar


11 a.m.- Harris Construction vs. Clarity AV Solutions

12 p.m.- Ava Parks and Rec. vs. Donald Collins Law


8:30 a.m.- Casey’s General Store vs. Pro-Design

9:15 a.m.- Ava Parks and Rec. vs. Thru the Grapevine


9 a.m.- Sonic vs. Precision Automotives

9:35 a.m. – Heart of the Ozarks vs. Casey’s General Store

10:20 a.m.- S&H Fish Farm vs. Century Bank

October 4, 2014


9 a.m.- HomePride Bank vs. KHAOS

10 a.m. a.m. Longdollar vs. Payroll Advance


110 a.m.- Clarity AV Solutions vs. Donald Collins Law

12 p.m. Harris Construction vs. Ava Parks and Rec.


8:30 a.m.- Ava Parks and Rec. vs. Casey’s General Store

9:15 a.m.- Thru the Grapevine vs. Pro-Design


9 a.m.- Heart of the Ozarks vs. S&H Fish Farm

9:35 a.m. –  Casey’s General Store vs. Sonic

10:20 a.m.- Precision Automotive vs. Century Bank