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57th Annual Old Folk’s Day Held At Mt. Tabor Church

Mt. Tabor Church was host to Old Folk’s Day, Sunday, Sept. 14. We had a wonderful turnout, many folks that are always in attendance, but, also, a few new faces, which makes us happy. We had many readings, poems, and some speaking of old times at Mt. Tabor Church. Some were funny, some sad, but each one was meaningful. There was an abundance of beautiful songs, and how we do appreciate everyone for them. There were some folks not with us this year, and many others from years gone by, that we dearly miss.

We began with prayer by Brother Raymond Haden, and after the program, we gave out the church gifts for the oldest gentleman, Jerry Hunnell, runner-up, John Stephens, oldest lady, Lenore Burton, with runner-up, Chestene Lietch. We had so many handmade gifts, which people so enjoy, and we appreciate each one that donated to us. Golda Dixon did all of her gifts in memory of her sister, Mae Cox, which made it special.  After the program and gifts, Brother Dennis Shumate dismissed with the closing prayer. Again, we appreciate all the good help, and keep us in mind next year, 2nd Sunday in September. Hope to see you all then.