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What About This…? 9.18.2014

By Wayne William Cipriano

A Springfield radio station has begun broadcasting the Laura Ingraham Show. I like looking at Laura Ingraham but listening to her is much less pleasant.

Ms. Ingraham is another right-wing whacko like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin who provide us with exactly the same intelligent examination of reality as do the left-wing whackos like Rachel Maddow, Bill Moyers and Katrina vanden Heuval.

Anyone who disagrees with the perception of correctness espoused by these nuts is a ‘child of the devil,’ “always wrong,” ‘nefariously motivated,’ and ‘incapable of ever having a good idea’.

These extremists can do so much ill mainly because our pathetically inept educational systems allow them to have an audience of completely naïve and easily deceived human sheep. And they are, both right and left, tearing our country apart.

Only slightly less disturbing is the realization that these extremists are hypocrites de luxe! You do not rise to their level of business success being a cheerleading true-believing pureheart. These radio and television personalities understand clearly how much damage they are doing to our country – but it works for them. It makes them famous and it makes them rich.

If something else worked better, regardless of the “morality” of that new approach, they would switch in a heartbeat. They are the ultimate in pragmatism. They are damaging ALL of us –– Conservative, Liberal, Moderate. All of us.

I caution all who find themselves being seduced by these extremist positions to follow the advice of the military: “Check your six! You may be very unpleasantly surprised by what you find sneaking up on you.”