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What About This…? 9.11.2014

By Wayne William Cipriano

An abortion is undoubtedly the ending of a human life. How valua­ble is a human life to us?

We don’t do much to preserve human life in places where we don’t live. We often drive drunk or en­gage in similar foolish behavior that is almost guaranteed to cost human life sooner or later. We arbitrarily assign the death penalty to behavior we deem illegal and that assignment changes as we change political sub­divisions. We go to war and kill “them”, they kill “us”, and human life (combatants and bystanders) is often squandered for reasons very few, if any of the persons involved, understand.

How valuable is human life to us?

When persons acting as if they do not understand that sexual congress frequently results in undesired preg­nancies are denied abortions and forced to carry an unwanted preg­nancy to term, we preserve a human life that would have been termi­nated.

Once that birth occurs and that most important, most valuable life is saved, we seem to step back from the value of human life. We don’t insist youngsters are properly nour­ished, properly clothed, properly housed, properly supervised, and of course, we do not insist they be properly educated.

In fact, through our inaction, we seem to almost assure that the conditions, which served as precursors of their conceptions, are continued, insisting that these youngsters are raised in a such manner that they emulate the stupidity of the people who produced them.

What is the purpose of our reverence for human life?