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Looking Backward 8.14.2014

25 Years Ago

10, 1989


A huge
community-wide watermelon feed will be held on the Ava Square this Friday
night, and everyone is invited to attend.And the best part of all, it’s all free.

operator Norman Hart began excavation this week for the addition at the Douglas
County Public Library.The library will
be extended on both ends, more than doubling the present size of the
facility.Posey Building Center is contractor
for the project.

Spurlock, postmaster at Squires, was recognized last week for 45 years of

Aug. 28, buying or selling a used car will require additional paperwork.The Truth in Mileage Act requires that an
odometer disclosure statement showing the vehicle’s actual mileage be filled
out and signed both by the buyer and seller.

The Ava
High School gymnasium looked like it had been hit by a cyclone last week after
the old flooring was ripped out to make way for a new floor.

Three Ava
High School girls who attended Missouri Girls State this summer at William
Woods College, Fulton, are Jan Murphy, Dee Dee Gray and Jana Lumb.

Mary Kay
Cosmetics, Inc., announced today the promotion of Larry Harley to executive
vice president, Distribution Group.

The east
end of Douglas County made its contribution to Music on the Square last Friday
when the Charlie Jamison and Company from the Vanzant area came to Ava and
provided folks with some fine bluegrass music.

Horner made a clean sweep at the pool tournament held at the Senior Citizens
Center in Ava last week.Bill received
first place medals in both singles and doubles competition.

Bowlers Dan Garner, Debbie Blakey and Delbert Twitty won first place trophies
at a national bowling tournament at Columbus, Ohio, July 29 and 30.


50 Years Ago

6, 1964


Temperature records have not been kept here, but the
mercury went high enough Tuesday afternoon to satisfy nearly everyone that a
new record was set.The temperature was
recorded at 103 degrees Monday.

A large mother wolf, protecting her young, attacked an Ava
farmer Wednesday of last week on his farm in the Pleasant Green community west
of Ava.Ray Stillings was checking
cattle on his farm when he noticed something following his dog.He thought it was another dog, but after
about an hour he decided to investigate.As soon as the man and dog re-entered the field near the brush the wolf
came at them, and one shot was fatal to the she wolf.A cub den was located just over the fence in
the brush but Stillings was unable to catch the cubs, which were about half

Cleo Cooper of Ava, playing in 100-plus degree weather,
won first place in B Flight of the Twin Oaks Country Club Invitation Golf
Tournament Sunday in Springfield.

Ralph Glendenning, who has been a fieldman for Kraft Foods
Company in Ava since September 1962, has been transferred to the company’s
plant in Oswego, Kan., where he will also serve as a fieldman.

Francis P. (Sonny) Sutton, Jr., began work Saturday as
pharmacist at the Norman Rexall Drug Store, it was announced by owner Robert

Miss June Kilburn and her twin brother, Gene Kilburn,
celebrated their 16th birthdays Thursday evening, July 30, at a
birthday party given in the country home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Kilburn of Smallett.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Curry of Route 4, Seymour, announce the
engagement of their daughter, Shirley Carlene, to Bobby Joe Jackson, son of F.
E. Jackson, Springfield and Mrs. Ernest Elder, Reeds Spring.

On July 30 a pink and blue shower was given in the home of
Mrs. Raymond Sanders in honor of Mrs. Martin Hathcock.Those attending and sending gifts were
Pauline Hathcock, Ollie Pellham, Edythe Applegate, Mable Hathcock, Virginia
Johnson, Daisy Turner, Helen Hodge, Mrs. Billingsly, Judy Scott, Mrs. Jobe,
Gertrude McDonald, Mae Cox, Anna Murphy, Mrs. John Blair, Betty Jenkins, Mary
Cox, Hazel Duckworth, Norma Duckworth, Thelma Futrell and Mrs. Pernie Adams.

Mrs. Pearl Exline
had her daughter, Mrs. Charles McCallister, Mr. McCallister and daughter,
Sarah, of Branson, as guests in her home at 604 NE 2nd Avenue on
Thursday night last week.While the
McCallisters were spending overnight with her mother they also visited with her
sister, Mrs. Boone Norman, Jr., Mr. Norman and son, Stephen.


75 Years Ago

August 10,


Charles Davis, 67,
and his son, James Davis, 45, farmers of the Blue Buck mountain district in the
east end of Douglas County, were arrested Thursday last week when a moonshine
still they were said to be operating was raided by a group of federal and state
officers accompanied by a Howell County deputy sheriff.The still was located in a deep canyon about
a mile and a half from the Charles Davis farm.The raiding party included W. H. Thompson, a federal revenue officer
from Springfield; Harry (Bill) Oliver, a Howell County deputy sheriff; and
State Troopers Earl Barkley and Clyde Brill of Willow Springs.

A young gray fox, believed to be about four months old, is
the pet of Dan Dobbins, who lives on a farm southeast of Ava.Mr. Dobbins had the pet in Ava Wednesday after
acquiring it from Herman Miller of near Wasola, who had raised it from a small

A group of Douglas County farmers living between Fox Creek
and North Fork are making an effort to bring a wolf trapper to that community.
Among the interested farmers are Fred Rebman, Norwood; Harry Shannon, Drury;
Harry and Bill Page, Vanzant; H. H. D. Pamperien and sons of Buckhart; County
Judge Charles R. Moore, Mountain Grove; and County Clerk Ramey Smith, who lives
at Ava now but has land in that section.

Icel R. Davis Wednesday bought the ice business in Ava
that has been owned and operated the last three years by Lloyd Friend.The business is located in a building owned
by Jack Spurlock just west of the Henson Sinclair Service Station, a block
north of the square.

First degree murder charges were filed Friday, July 29,
against Mrs. W. H. Elson, Dallas County farm woman, who Thursday shot and
instantly killed Henry Fair, about 54, because he came to visit and “do a
little lovin”.Fair was shot with a .38
caliber revolver three times, in the heart, the side of his body and the right
wrist.Mrs. Elson told officials
Thursday that Fair came to her home about 9 o’clock Thursday morning. He left
in about 20 minutes, but returned at 1:30 in the afternoon and told her he
wanted to come in and “do a little lovin”.Mrs. Elson said she ordered him to leave, but he persisted and she shot
him.Her husband was in Kansas City at
the time.

Fishing in these parts remains good and Ava fishing
parties again this week are reporting good catches in nearly streams.Dr. Marvin Gentry and Harold Platt went out
Tuesday and brought in a string of seven that included one bass that weighed a
pound and three quarters and a goggleye that the physician said was “the
biggest I every saw,” weighing a good pound in his estimation.


100 Years Ago

August 20,


With the establishing of the county seat road from Ava to Marshfield,
via Granada and Seymour, by the County Highway Commission and endorsed by the
up-to-date and progressive County Court, is a long step towards good roads in
Douglas County.

Dr. Chenot, a French scientist predicts that a flood will be the
result of the war in Europe. Chenot says that the explosion of powder all over
the continent of Europe will cause many big rains.All the moisture in the atmosphere he says
will be converted into its fluid form, “Great mists will form in the lowland”
the scientist says in a newspaper article “and clouds will obscure the
sun.”The result will be a deluge
covering most of the earth.”

Arg Robertson has purchased the Millsap property in Denlow and is
having the house turned and remodeled.

Ida Proctor who has been staying with Ethel Pennington is home
again.We are glad to hear that Ethel is
able to be up again.

Good Meals. Good Beds. Special rates to school and other regular
boarders.Back of Herald building.John Davis.

LARISSA ITEMS –– A lovely rain visited this locality last Friday and
another one Monday.

Star District is not behind any longer.It has a lovely schoolhouse to begin school
in next Monday.

A gentleman from New Mexico arrived in Ava recently and is preparing
to burn a brick kiln on the Miller addition north of the Depot.The brick will be used in building a second
story in H. S. Wilson hardware and some other building, which are contemplated.

Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received at the County
Clerks office in the town of Ava, Mo. Up to 1:00 o’clock Tuesday p.m. Sept. 8,
1914 for the building of two bridges across the North Fork of White River in
Douglas County, Mo.

Ava High School term opens Sept. 7, 1914.Send your boys and girls to The Ava High
School.C. H. Boehm, Superintendent,

GOODHOPE –– We are glad to know that the Flat Rock School is getting
along so nicely under the efficient management of Frank Givans.


125 Years Ago

August 15, 1889


Statistics show that in the state of Maine
women are engaged in over fifty different employments, ranging from cotton and
other manufacture in the professions.By
far the greatest number are employed in manufacturing, there being about 7,000
thus employed.The average weekly salary
is $8.

A boy at Castile, NY went into a trance and
six doctors could not bring him out. Someone put a fire-cracker beneath him and
he cheered the racket with a jump and a yell, and an hour later the boy was off
for a game of base ball.

Calvin Wilson has nearly completed an addition
to his city residence.

J. H. Martin is having the foundation laid for
a fine barn.

L. O, Hailey is receiving the lumber for his
new residence.

J. J. Bell and J. M. Curnutt are building a
partnership barn on the line between their lots.

Deputy Sheriff D. B. Sloan is receiving lumber
for a dwelling house on his lots.

Squire G. W. Bowdre has the material all ready
to commence building a new residence in the city.

Ava is improving rapidly, new building being
erected on every hand and material being put on the ground for more.

A heavy storm passed through our county
yesterday doing much damage to corn and timber.

E. D. Pennington of this city has sold his
stock of merchandise and lumber to Horace and Frank Curnutt, who will continue
the business under the firm name of Curnutt brothers.The Curnutt brothers are popular young men
and will undoubtedly do a good business.

The Douglas County Normal School of Ava, under
the supervision of Prof. Mercer as principal and Prof. Z. Roberts as assistant,
is making fine progress.There are
something over one hundred and twenty scholars in attendance and both parents
and scholars seem to be very much interested and the scholars are rapidly
advancing in their studies.

On Tuesday the 11th, Dr. R. N. Lee,
druggist and dispenser of spirituous liquor at the “otter slide” of this city,
and John Brown, of Spring Creek Township, were practicing with their pistols,
shooting at a target, and Lee in reloading managed to fire off one chamber of
his pistol toward Brown who was standing about four feet away, and the ball
took effect in Brown’s left thigh, making a serious flesh wound.Dr. Harper was called to take out the bullet
and after probing for it vigorously for several minutes, failed to find the
object of his search.Lee is getting to
be a bad man, one night last week he gave battle to an imaginary foe and shot
and killed a valuable horse belonging to his son.  Keeping a drug store and carrying a pistol
don’t agree with Bob’s constitution.