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Great River Engineering – Rome Bridge legal



Bridge No. 209003.0 over Beaver Creek and located 4 miles west of Smallett in Douglas County, Missouri is available at no cost for adaptive reuse at a new location.  This National Register-eligible bridge is a steel, 100’ long, 6-panel rigid-connected Pratt through truss with steel stringer approach span for a total of 200’.  The bridge was fabricated in 1913-14 by the Kansas City Bridge Company, Kansas City, Missouri.  It is significant in the area of engineering under Criterion of Evaluation C.  If the bridge is transferred to another party, the transfer deed may include preservation covenants that require the new owner to preserve and maintain the bridge in accordance with established standards for historic bridges.  Funds in amounts up to the estimated cost of standard demolition may be available for bridge preservation.  For information please contact:  Craig Sturdevant, Environmental Research Center, 1201 Moreau Drive, Jefferson City, MO  65101.