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Adams Reunion

Adams Reunion

The 2014 Adams’ Reunion was held at the Red Bank Church.  Many of the Adams’ family have precious memories that relate back to this church and now we are creating new memories for our younger generation there.

As we gathered in, we heard of family members in need of our prayers, and we missed those that had gone on to heaven. (Miss you Mom and Bob). The Adams’ family can never get-together without the sound of laughter filling the kitchen.

We discovered that since Adrian was not able to come home for this reunion (missed him) that left Herman Adams’ kids- Janice, Carol, Jeannie and Larry, and Charley Adams’ son: Stan the oldest Adams’ of the clan this year and as they all sat together, how the laughter did fill the air. This group of adults could teach the younger ones how to have a good time. They do so enjoy each other’s company.

We had 74 guests in attendance this year, from California , Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas, and right next door. The Adams’ family gathered together with the Hall and the Lirley families.

A little later in the afternoon, Howard got everyone’s attention and Shaun Fossett led us in prayer over our meal and our reunion.  We then ate from two tables full of food and fabulous desserts.

After lunch we moved into the auditorium and sang some good gospel songs. We had “guess that song” and some “minute to win it” games.  The Adams’ are very competitive. We even had our family song, the theme song from “THE ADAMS FAMILY”. God has blessed our family with lots of musical talent. We had lots of singing and five different piano players: Stan and Dottie’s kids: John and Debra, Lawrence’s son-in-law, Brian, Howard and myself. There were others there that could play, they just didn’t take a turn.

I know my mother would have loved all of the music and the games. She always looked forward to these reunions and wanted the tradition to continue on,  and so we as the Adams’ family should pledge to carry on this tradition so all the future generations can know each other and know what our older generations valued so much; God and family.

See you in 2016.