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What About This…? 7.31.2014

By Wayne William Cipriano

Almost everyone you talk with agrees we need some sort of health care reform. Most also agree the most important part of reform is to somehow control the escalating costs. And there are almost as many different approaches to that control as there are people with opinions. But every approach has one thing in common. Every dollar “saved” comes out of someone’s pocket. It is a “zero-sum” situation.

Those “saved” dollars come from hospitals, doctors, clinics, nurses, technicians, medical device and supplies manufacturer, transporters, medical research facilities, the pharmaceutical industry, and the most involved entity of all, the insurance gargantuan.

So we cannot be surprised when any meaningful financial reform in the area of medical care runs up against a huge dam of entrenched interests that fear the loss of revenue such reform must necessarily embody.

In a zero-sum situation such as this, who gains? Those who consume medical services. Who loses? Those who provide those medical services.

It’s pretty much that simple, isn’t it?