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Looking Backward 7.24.2014

25 Years Ago

July 20, 1989


Attendance at this year’s Douglas County Fair was clearly down, but those involved with the production of the annual event have reason to be encouraged about the fair’s future. This was the year that put us over the top,” said Fair Board President Walt Wittorff. “Anything we do now can go toward improvements instead of overhead,” Wittorff said.

Saless Hartley was recently selected by the staff, residents and guests of Crestview Healthcare, Ava, as Ms. Crestview. Saless, 74, is the mother of five children, has 13 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

Burrely Loftin scored a hole-in-one at the Ava Country Club golf course Monday evening. Loftin hit the ace on the 160-yard hole No. 3, using an 8 iron. Witnessing the hole-in-one were Tom Cox, Mike Loftin and Charlie Stallcup.

On Saturday, July 29, Loyd and Fern (Combs) Hodges of Bradleyville will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Euneeda Heath announces the opening of Euneeda’s Quilts and Supplies in rural Douglas County. Located about 22 miles east of Ava on Highway 14 on County Road 343, the store offers a complete line of quilting needs.

Robert M. Cunningham and Elsie LaVerne Welton were mar­ried July 22, 1939 at Hartville. They have two children, Robert E., Colona, Ill., and Jerry K., Moline, Ill., as well as four grandchildren, who will host an open house Sun­day, July 21, in honor of the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary.

GLENDALE –– Several of our kids attended camp at Camp J-O-Y last week. They were Amy, Beth and John Holt, Jenny Hopper and Christie Sartor.


50 Years Ago

July 16, 1964


Charley Everybodytalksabout and his son, Charley Funnyface, 27, of Browning, Mont., have been charged in magistrate court here with raping two young girls at a home south of Ava. The names of the father-and-son Indians are no joke. They were verified by a call from Sheriff Don Souder to the sheriff in Montana. Warrants were issued for the arrest of the men and sent to Browning.

Mrs. Louise Breedlove and her son, Joe, have purchased the Highway House Café from Mr. and Mrs. Clyde O’Harra and assumed management of the business last Thursday. The Breedloves came here from Springfield where they lived on a farm. They formerly operated the St. Louis Street Coffee Shop. They are now living in an apartment above the restaurant but said that they plan to purchase a house soon.

Intermediate League All-Stars, composed of 11- and 12-year-old boys are: Danny Silvey, Leland Barnes, David Litwiller, Doug Monger, David Miller, Billy Jenkins, Kenny Moore, Boyd Strong, Jimmy Huffman, Ricky Buchanan, John Wallace and Larry Plaster.

Babe Ruth All-Stars, composed of boys 13, 14 and 15 year-olds are: Larry Ray, Bob Miller, Ronnie Curry, Rick Monger, Sammy Shipps, Roger Williams, Otis McFarlin, Dale Stamper, Gregg Alsup, Don Trent, Gary Trent, Gary Dougherty, Ronnie Bloomer, Jerry Spurlock and Leo Sanders. Managers of the Babe Ruth squad are Warren Cox and Bob Huffman, and leading the intermediate group are Jay Monger and Jerry Sutherland.

JACKSON, Miss. –– Academic records of B and above during the second semester of 1963-64 have earned 232 Millsaps college students places on the Dean’s List of Honor Students. Gary Leroy Kester, of Ava, was among the students qualifying for the honor. He received a degree last month.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Thompson of Ava announce the birth of a daughter, Cynthia Ann, on Monday, July 4, at Mansfield Hospital. The youngster weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces.

CF’s wife was not around when he said he thought he would get a job at a service station. He had just read about the shapely young thing that had driven into a Philadelphia service station for gasoline, while wearing a topless dress . . . She received super service on her auto­mobile from all attendants the stations could muster, including the freshest of fresh air when the work­ers changed the air in the tires three times.

The USS Swordfish sank a Japanese merchant ship Dec. 15, 1941, to become the first U.S. submarine to sink an enemy war­ship.

Fred O. Lethco, Jr., Ava, received a commission as second lieutenant in the Missouri Army National Guard when he graduated Saturday, July 11, from the Mis­souri National Guard officer candi­date school. Lt. Lethco is assigned to 1106th Transportation Co., Springfield.


75 Years Ago

July 20, 1939


Mrs. Ingle Nichol, who for the past four years has operated the Nichol’s five and ten cent store on the east side of the square here, recently secured a franchise for this section from the Ben Franklin Stores, according to an announce­ment made this week.

Thelma’s Beauty Shop, owned and operated by Mrs. Thelma Waters since September 1930 was sold Tuesday night to Miss Alleene Hale, Ava girl who has been em­ployed in the shop and who received her license as a beauty operator June 1. The shop will remain in the same location, on Highway 5 north of the square, but the name will be changed to “Alleene’s Beauty Service.”

Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Evans announce the birth of an eight-pound daughter, Karen Joan, Satur­day morning, July 15. Mrs. Evans before her marriage was Miss Vivian Waterson.

Changes were made in two Ava cafes during last week and early this week. William Hawkins has again taken over the Brown Derby having bought the part owned by Howard Rittsinger, who was a partner with Mr. Hawkins. Mr. and Mrs. Rittsinger will remain in Ava for a few weeks. The Smitty Café was purchased Monday by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Carver and was immedi­ately taken over by the new owners. The café has been opened only a few months and has been operated by Scott Smith who came here from Prospect, Alabama, to operate the café for his cousin, Hurse Smith. The café will be renamed at an early date.

Lawrence Roy of Vera Cruz suffered a mashed foot Tuesday while dragging logs with a team at his farm. A log rolled with him and caught his left foot between the log and a tree, mashing it painfully. He was brought to Ava by John Fawcett, who passed his home shortly after the accident.

Mansfield is having a big min­ing boom. Lead ore in large quan­tities has been found in the mining shaft east of that place, and the parties interested in it think they have struck bonanza. It is reported that two veins of lead, one 12 inches and the other 5 feet in thick­ness have been discovered, and underlying the five foot vein of lead a heavy body of ore, which is thought to contain a large percent of silver.

The State Board of Health, through the district health office at Ozark, this week issued a warning against typhoid fever in southwest Missouri. This promises to be a typhoid year from indications already received.

SWEDEN – Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Ridenour of Ozark have been vis­iting relatives in this community.

BUCKHART –– Miss Phyllis Russ of Kansas City is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Ida Scherer.

DOGWOOD –– George J. Hale, merchant at Dogwood, is erecting a new dwelling.


100 Years Ago

July 30, 1914


For the first time in the history of the Progressive Party, Colonel Roosevelt faced the possibility of opposition within the ranks over the choice of candidates.   Tonight in a formal statement Colonel Roosevelt calls upon “all good citizens, no matter what their party affiliations,” to join in support of a state ticket.

Denouncing the administration’s attitude toward Central America as a “policy of surrender and national degradation,” Representative Humphrey (Republican) of Wash­ington attacked the proposed treaty to pay Colombia $25,000,000 for the partition of Panama.

We notice that the governor has set August 18 and 19 as good road days. Everybody should get out and work the roads on that day.

The cost of living is still going up and the price of labor is coming down.

Yes, times have changed. It used to be that when a little girl was bowlegged her mother consoled her by saying that being a girl “it won’t show much”, but times have changed.

Mr. and Mrs. Alva Hammond are the proud parents of a fine baby girl, which made its arrival the 24th. Mother and baby are doing nicely.

Austria-Hungary declared war against Serbia July 28, 1914. It may involve all the European countries.

Logan and Jerry Coats are home from their well drilling in Kansas for a visit.

Ava was well represented at the Odd Fellow Celebration. Among those present were Dad Plummer, Horace Curnutt, Lawrence Davis, I.T. Curry, Hayes McMurtrey, Wesley Cannifax, Tom Norris, Rep Haskins and Herbert Sell.

Mrs. Carrie Baker is making preparations to move her family to Vanzant, where she will teach the coming term.

The stork visited they home of Mr. and Mrs. John Buchanan last Thursday and left a fine girl.

Ice cream and cake on the courthouse lawn Saturday, Aug. 7th

International Harvester oil and gas engines…Buy an International Harvester engine, take care of it as any machine should be cared for and a dozen years or more from now it will still be working for you.

Keep your milk, butter, meat and vegetables cool and fresh with ICE from the Ava Ice Co., hard frozen ice at 50¢ per 100. Delivered to all parts of the city. We also handle iceboxes and refrigerators. Ava Ice Company, Phone 192.


125 Years Ago

July 25, 1889


Miller Bros. has moved into their new store building and are daily receiving new goods. In a short time they will have the finest store in the city, as their new building is a dandy.

There will be a grand picnic on Mill Hollow, near Bryant, eight miles northeast of Ava, on Satur­day, August 3rd, 1889. Amuse­ments of all kinds. Good speaking. Let everyone come and have a good time.

The new post office building is nearly completed and our new post master, J.T. Hailey, will soon move in with the post office outfit, and as a “new broom sweeps clean” the patrons of the office will expect their mail, newspapers included, on call.

Elise Cobb has just returned from Indian Territory, where he has been visiting relatives and looking at the country. He brought some specimens of prairie grass to the Herald office measuring over nine feet in length, which he gathered and brought home with him to show the quality of range grass in that country. No wonder the cattle kings kicked about being ordered out with their stock.

Seigal Calhoun and Lewis Smith, charged with horse stealing and who escaped from the custody of Deputy Sheriff D. B. Sloan last week, were again captured by Sheriff Lyons, on Sunday, the 21st. Sheriff Lyons located them in the cornfield of Mr. John Raney, about one and a half miles south of Norwood, in Wright County, and surrounded the field with his men before Calhoun and Smith were aware of their presence, and called on them to come out and give up like men or take the consequences. They took to their heels and ran to the opposite side of the field but as they came out they were quickly covered with the guns of the men stationed on that side of the field, and ordered to throw up their hands and surrender, which they con­cluded to do. They were both well armed, and if they had been given half a chance somebody would have gotten hurt. They had a double barrel shot gun, a colt repeating rifle and a forty-five-caliber colt revolver and were well supplied with ammunitions. It is no use for criminals to try to escape from the present Sheriff of Douglas County for he will surely “take them in.”

The Prince of Wales gave more than his mother for the Johnstown sufferers. She sent her sympathy. He bought two tickets to Buffalo Bill’s benefit performance.

Martin Irons, the once powerful labor leader in Missouri, who sent word to General Manager Hoxie that he didn’t have time to see him, is now dirty and half-clothed, run­ning a shabby little fruit stand in St. Louis.

Col. L. O. Hailey, editor of the Douglas County Democrat, was arrested by U.S. Marshall Graves, on Tuesday, the 21st, and taken to Springfield for trial. We under­stand that Mr. Hailey is charged with being too familiar with other people’s mail.

It costs $55,000 a year to run the city government of Springfield.