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Fireworks Must Remain On Private Property Within City Limits of Ava

With the Fourth of July just over a week away and fireworks stands now open for business in Ava, it would be a good time to review the City Ordinance regulating fireworks within the city.
In a nutshell what the ordinance says is that fireworks may only be shot on private property; and rocket propelled fireworks that could land on other property are prohibited. Shooting fireworks on a city street or other city (public) property is specifically prohibited.
Section 46.81 of the Ava City Code states:
• It shall be unlawful for any person within the City of Ava to discharge or cause to be discharged, any bottle rockets, or rocket powered firework within the city limits of Ava.
• No person shall, within the City of Ava shoot, explode, or cause to be shot or exploded, any fireworks in any of their various forms on city streets and other public property, nor shall any person shoot, explode, or cause to be shot or explode any fireworks on private property without permission of owner of the property. Any fireworks must remain within the confines of the private property.
• Fireworks may be sold within the City of Ava from June 20 to July 6 in accordance with the (ordinance) regulations.
• Temporary fireworks stands may be located only in tents or other temporary structures located in any business district as long as the applicant meets the required conditions for a fireworks/tent permit.
• An adult shall physically supervise all juveniles that discharge fireworks.
The ordinance also specifically prohibits shooting fireworks in any form within the city limits of Ava on Sunday.
Public fireworks displays such as the event taking place at Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center on Friday night are allowed by ordinance, as long as the sponsoring organization follows certain guidelines spelled out in the ordinance.