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Looking Backward 6.19.2014

25 Years Ago
June 15, 1989

Ava City Council approved the purchase of a self-propelled street sweeper at Monday’s regular council meeting, and voted to install a new pump in well No. 4.
When the 1989-90 school term begins, many seniors will start giving serious thought to the future and career goals.  But for two Ava High School seniors, that won’t be a consideration. Their careers are already determined.  Through a unique career opportunity provided by the United States Forest Service and in conjunction with Ava High School, Jennifer Scott and Halle Adams have begun careers with the Forest Service.  Through a similar program available to college students, Rick Moon, of Springfield, also has joined the Ava Ranger District through cooperation of Southeastern Illinois University.
Rondo Prock, Ava, the only announcer the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association has ever had for its annual shows, is hanging up his mike.  Prock said he told the board prior to this year’s spring Futurity Show that he planned to retire after Saturday night’s show.
Kristen and Casey Shelton, twin daughters of Doyle and Dee Shelton, celebrated their first birthday May 30 in Springfield at the home of their grandma, Pat Williams.
Corporal Marty Elmore has been assigned to this area with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and is currently stationed at Gainesville. Cpl. Elmore replaces Lionel Daugherty who was promoted to the rank of sergeant and transferred to Willow Springs.
Elna Short and Neil McFarlin, both of Ava, won the Pitch Tournament at Doling Park during Senior Fitness Days.
ONGO –– We received three inches of rain Sunday, which was needed.

50 Years Ago
June 11, 1964

Rear Admiral William Martin, Commander, Carrier Division Two and former Chief of Naval Air Reserve Training at the Naval Air Station, Glenview, Ill., was presented the nation’s highest peacetime military decoration on May 22 – the Legion of Merit. The citation was presented to Admiral Martin during change of command ceremonies of Carrier Division Two aboard the flagship, U.S.S. Enterprise. Admiral Martin is reporting to Washington as Assistant Chief of Naval Operations for Air.
Three men have been arrested for the theft of “a large number” of turkeys from the Sam Banta farm in Douglas County, but Sheriff Don Souder said that a charge of grand stealing would be dismissed against one of the men. Grand stealing charges were filed June 6.
Snapping turtles carry their own fishing lure right with them on the end of their tongues, but a huge one fell victim itself last week.  A 47-1/2 pound alligator snapping turtle caught on a hook and 15-pound test line on Bryant Creek, near the Douglas-Ozark County line, by R. Dean Moss of Pottersville, was taken Friday by Conservation Commission personnel to the Springfield Zoo where it will be kept until later in the summer.  It will be exhibited by the Conserva-tion Commission at county fairs throughout the state, and at the state fair.
Rainfall which fell three days during the latter part of last week totaled 1.87 inches, according to the U.S. Forest Service ranger’s office here.
Paneling Sale, Truck Load Purchase, Special Prices, as low as $3.85 4×8 ft. sheet, pre-finished wood paneling, several finishes to choose from.  Cooper Lumber Co. MU3-4171.
The Ava American Legion baseball team, going into the last inning with a 2-1 lead, were defeated Tuesday night by Marshfield, 5-2, in first round play of the Mickey Owen Baseball Camp Legion Tournament.  Ava hurler Mike Spurlock had a two-hitter going into the seventh inning, but two walks and a misjudged fly ball spelled defeat.
EVANS –– Jason and Fate Upshaw fox hunted Saturday night and seems they have lost their dogs again.
ALMARTHA –– Some from here attended the sale of the school property.  Eukal Gardner bought the Almartha School House.
ROMANCE –– T.J. has bought himself a schoolhouse.  He is now the proud owner of the Romance School House.  What he plans to do with it nobody knows. He may adopt some orphans and start teaching again.
ARNO –– Cecilia Phipps is spending her vacation with her grandparents, and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Creech.

75 Years Ago
June 15, 1939

Successful bidders for four star mail routes out of Ava have just been announced by the Postal Department.  Contracts for periods of four years each have been awarded as follows:  Ava to Hammond, by way of Girdner, Squires, Foil and Thornfield, to Andy Campbell of Wheeling. Ark.;  Ava to Gainesville, by way of Squires, Wasola, Almartha and Wilhoit, to Clarence Luna of Gainesville;  Ava to McClurg by way of Squires, Toledo, Smallett and Rome, to Bennie R. Hardin of Springfield, Mo.; Ava to Mansfield to G. R. Mefford of Ava.
Mary Lou Gibson, 3-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Gibson of Gainesville, woke up about 10  o’clock Tuesday night and found herself alone in her parents’ parked automobile. She got out of the cab and slammed the door shut.  It was so awfully dark she cried some, but set forth bravely to find her parents.  Just how far Mary Lou walked or what path she took we don’t know, but she finally ended up at the home of “Uncle Bill” Palmer, a couple of blocks away from the car and the Sanders home.  She had stopped her crying and she rapped on Mr. Palmer’s door.  Mr. Palmer was quite surprised to find so little a girl at his door, so late at night, but he let her in and she seemed satisfied with the place wherein she found herself.  It was just a few minutes later that Mr. Palmer heard people calling in the neighborhood. He went out and found that they were calling for the little girl who had come to his door.  Frequently, Mr. and Mrs. Gibson said they went to church, leaving Mary Lou asleep in the car, and she always came right into the church when she waked up.
DOGWOOD –– Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Philpott and son, Jack, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Philpott.
This Week in Missouri History from the State Historical Society of Missouri –– Sol Smith Russell, Missouri-born comedian who disseminated “happiness” on the American stage in the 1890s, forced even  his severest critics to recognize him as a great entertainer.
Will Spurrier, rural carrier of Ava, is spending his vacation on his farm near Coldspring.
All records for the longevity of the Missouri legislature have been broken with the Sixtieth General Assembly already several days past the longest session.  At noon Tuesday the 160th day was completed.
PLEASANT GREEN – Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ellison have moved from Dogwood to the Nina Brazeal home.
No village barn equals the farm –– those rural castles that held arms to comfort every crying boy and hide his secret pipe and joy.  Lofts take something from the pain. . . and add something to the rain.  In village lofts, though hearts may follow, with envy every autumn swallow.  But village lofts will do for scheming, if there is no better, and for dreaming of broader acres, city fields.

100 Years Ago
June 25, 1914

Twenty-five thousand names have been secured on petitions asking for a vote on women’s suffrage in Missouri.  The question will be submitted to a vote of the people at the November election.
One hundred years from the day we gained our Independence, Ava played her first match game of base ball.  Ava and Beaver played this game 38 years ago.  The diamond was on the square and the home plate was in front of the Reynolds Store. A committee of five men worked hard clearing the timber off the square and filling up the hog wallows preparatory for the game.  Three of the players are living and will take part in the match game of base ball at the park in Ava, July 4, 1914.  Guess who they are?
J.W. Byng of Ava, general manager of the KCO&S RR, of which Fred Grover is the local agent, has gone to Iowa for another engine for use on the road.  The road owns one engine No. 3662, which it purchased of the Frisco.  The increased business of the road demands another engine.
A very pretty home wedding took place at the beautiful residence of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Johnson, the west part of town last Saturday at 6 p.m.  The contracting parties were Lloyd E. Reynolds and Miss Bessie Johnson.  The groom is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. G. Reynolds of this city, and the bride is the charming and accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Johnson, also of Ava.
The surveyors who have been working on the county-seat highways have just finished the survey on the Ava and Webster County road running via Cross Roads Schoolhouse and Granada and on to the county line north of Granada.
Look here Bro. Slesser of the Willow Springs Republican we don’t mind you “swiping” our editorials if they will do your reader any good, and help to build up the county.  But, it won’t hurt you to give us credit for our own homegrown goods.  Do you get us?
The frame house on the old M. L. Davis farm near Sweden now owned by Bid Reynolds was burned one day last week. Robert Beck was living on the place. The fire started from a stovepipe while there was no one at home but the children.  A part of the household goods were saved.
Ava will celebrate July 4th!  Amusements for old and young, good program, good music, good speaking.  Something doing all the time.  Swings, stands, races and contests. Free ball game. Fire works at night.

125 Years Ago
June 20, 1889

Sheriff Lyons of this county, with a posse of men consisting of Deputy Sheriff D. B. Sloan, Geo. W. Campbell, J.A. Payne, Charles Bulger, H.H. Roller and John Osborne, on last night made what is presumed to be a capture of no small importance to the safety of the property of not only this community but also the country at large.  Leaving Ava at about midnight the sheriff with his party proceeded to within a short distance of the residence of Frank Reese, some seven miles down Hunter Creek where three much wanted gentlemen were known to be hoarding, and after tying up their horses the sheriff decided to wait until daybreak, at which time the party divided, part going to the front and part to the back door of the house, on entering the house found the three, Selgel B. Calhoun, Samuel Whitaker and a young man calling himself Smith, all lying on a bed on the floor.  As the officers made their appearance they each ran a hand under their pillow for something which on examination proved to be for their pistols, but the shooting irons of the officers were leveled on them too close to their heads to be policy to try to do anything but throw up their hands.  We learn from the sheriff the first two are wanted in two or three different localities both in this State and Texas.  Burglary and horse stealing being the offenses set opposite their names.  They were all armed to the teeth, each having a pair of the latest improved revolvers with about two hundred rounds of cartridges in belts ready for use. They will have a hearing before Squire Huffman in a day or two, probably about Wednesday.
Miss Belle Reynolds and her brother Jimmie, returned home from Mt. Grove, Sunday.
Miss Iniz Martin has been suffering with severe attack of bone crysipelas, but now on the improve.
King Tameser of Samoa gets only $20 a week salary.
LEBANON, Mo. – At a meeting of the wheel last night at Turner Schoolhouse about fifteen miles east of here, Thomas Hohannon, a wealthy farmer, shot and instantly killed Marlet Fulbright, one of his neighbors.   After the meeting had closed several wheelers went to Hohannon and Fulbright and requested them as members of the same organization to drop their quarrel and become friends.  Hohannon agreed to this but Fulbright refused, at the same time accusing Hohannon of having sworn a lie against him in the circuit court here.  Hohannon told Fulbright that this was false, when Fulbright advanced upon him with a knife which he was trying to open when Hohannon shot him.  The ball entered the head just above the right eye.  Hohannon has not been arrested.
The working girls of Kansas City have become tired of boarding house life, and have clubbed together in vast numbers for the purpose of housekeeping on a mammoth plan.
A number of Ava’s young people will attend the closing of Silver Shade School tomorrow.