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Blunt Report 6.19.2014

Missourians Deserve Affordable Energy
Since entering Congress, I’ve been fighting against misguided policies that will undoubtedly raise the cost of energy. Because our state relies on coal for more than 80 percent of our energy, families in Missouri need an energy plan that creates a favorable economic climate, not one that discourages it.
As part of my all-of-the-above approach to encourage a more diverse, reliable, and affordable domestic energy supply, I’ve repeatedly introduced amendments to protect American families and job creators from a carbon tax. Preventing Missourians from suffering the skyrocketing energy costs and devastating job losses that will result from a carbon tax would be a strong step forward in providing families their jobs with the stability we need.
Unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) latest proposal to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants is a step in the wrong direction that will result in higher electricity bills, a decrease in households’ disposable income, and job losses throughout the economy all for no tangible impact on the global climate.
At a time when millions of low and middle-income families are already struggling to pay bills and find jobs, the EPA’s latest rule will force households in Missouri and nationwide to pay more to heat and cool their homes and more for almost every American-made product they buy. President Obama’s energy policies would hurt low and middle-income families the most – the very people who can’t afford to pay for those higher costs.
Recently, I joined 40 of my colleagues in a letter urging President Barack Obama to withdraw the EPA’s latest devastating rule. I’ve also co-sponsored U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (Ky.) common-sense bill to block any new EPA regulation or guidance that limits carbon emissions from new or existing power plants, unless appropriate agencies can prove it will not eliminate jobs, cost our economy, increase electricity prices, or reduce electricity reliability. This bill is an important step in preventing the president and his administration from further burdening people who simply cannot afford to pay more at the pump or higher utility bills as a result of these costly energy policies.
I’ll continue fighting every step of the way to stop this unprecedented power grab and protect Missouri families from the devastating economic impact of the Administration’s continued “war on coal.”