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Ava School Board legal


Due to recent vacancy, the Ava R-1 Board of Education is requesting letters of interest from qualified individuals whom would like to serve on the Board of Education. Letters of interest should be received by end of the business day on Thursday, July 3, 2014. Please address your envelope to:

Ava R-I School District

Attention: Johnny Burkdoll,

Board Secretary

P.O. Box 338

Ava, MO 65608


All applicants must meet the following requirements in conjunction with Board Policy BBBA:

• Reside in MO one year preceding an appointment.

• Be a resident taxpayer of the Ava R-I School District.

• Be at least 24 years of age.

• Not be a registered sex offender.

• While holding office, not be serving a sentence of probation for a felony.

• Have never pled guilty or convicted of a felony connected with the exercise of the right of suffrage.