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Looking Backward 6.12.2014

25 Years Ago

June 8, 1989


When the judges completed their deliberation, Billie Barnum was named Ava’s first Poke Salat Days queen, with Sammie Moody selected as runner-up.

Steve Doggett, Springfield, was the first place overall finisher of the 10K Fun Run here Saturday Doggett finished the 62 miles in 32 minutes, 33 seconds.

Shawna Loftin of rural Ava, assisted by her trainer Marcie Turner, entered the Jackson Horse Show in Marshfield recently, riding Foxtail’s Manzy, and earned a large list of awards in various classes.

Kirby Fossett, the 11-year-old son of Sam and Terri Fossett, Ava, won the all-around cowboy title for the 6-12 age group at the conclusion of the Sho-Me Junior Rodeo Winter Series at Seymour.

Sabrina Kastning, daughter of Steve and Laurie Kastning, Squires, competed at the Southern Missouri Hunter / Jumper Show on May 13 and May 27. Sabrina won the championship both days in the 12 and under working pony hunter division on her pony, Pepper.

Michele Lea Loftin became the bride of David Lee Stout in a double ring ceremony Saturday, May 27, at 7 p.m. in the Star Chapel Church.

The excitement had been building for three weeks, the date had been set and the place –– Bethany Baptist Church. The Junior Church Department had worked hard preparing for their big day. The church was calling it “Balloon Sunday”. On that day, the children would release 380 helium filled balloons. To each balloon was attached a Bible tract that presented the plan of salvation along with a note asking those finding each balloon to let the church know when and where it was found. The balloons reached Starksville, Miss., Tallatolba, Miss; Wynne, Ark.; Melbourne, Ark.; and Batesville, Ark.


50 Years Ago

June 4, 1964


Buel McAllister of Thornfield has purchased a service station and home in south Ava from Thetis V. Jenkins of Springfield and he assumed control of the property Monday. The business is located just north of the junction of Hwys. 5 and 76, on City Route 5. The service station has been operated for several years by Lester Jenkins.

Roy Pendergraf, athletic director and basketball coach at Willard High School for the past nine years, has been employed by the Ava board of education as basketball coach and physical education instructor. Pendergraft will succeed Elmer Beard, who resigned this spring to accept a teaching and coaching position at Mountain Grove.

A large Veterans Memorial stone was in place in the veterans section of the Ava Cemetery for Decoration Day, and drew admiring response from visitors to the cemetery. The memorial, which still lacks sidewalks around it to be complete, is a project of the Ava Garden Club and the American Legion.

Miss Alice Ann Cooper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Cooper, Ava, was installed as worthy advisor of Ava Assembly No. 62 of the Order of Rainbow for Girls, Sunday, May 17. The address of welcome was given by Mrs. James Curry, mother advisor of Rainbow Assembly No. 62.

Mrs. R. B. Mosley of Ava celebrated her 87th birthday Tuesday, June 2 in a very pleasant way.

A bit unusual in the local political field, two sets of brothers-in-law are seeking nomination for the same county offices, on opposite party tickets. Voyne Clinkingbeard, a Democrat, is a lone candidate for nomination as county representative in the General Assembly, and his brother-in-law, Dr. R.C. Shannon, is one of four Republican candidates for nomination. Unopposed for the Democratic nomination as western district judge of the county court is Allan Hale, while his brother-in-law, Cecil Creech, is a Republican candidate for nomination in the office.

James Pueppke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Pueppke of rural Ava, is employed as a lifeguard at Roaring River State park at Cassville. Young Pueppke is scheduled to enter the U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colo., late this month.

BILOXI, Miss. –– Airman Third Class Clyde G. Ellison, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ellison of Rt. 1, Ava, Mo., has arrived from duty with an Air Training Command unit at Kessler AFB, Miss. Airman Ellison, an air policeman, is a recent graduate of the technical training course for air policemen at Lackland AFB, Texas.

Mrs. Dora Pennock of Route 2, Ava, observed her 89th birthday anniversary on Sunday, May 31.


75 Years Ago

June 8, 1939


The Citizens Bank will close at four o’clock on Saturday afternoon instead of five o’clock as it has in the past, it was announced this week by J.W. Reese.

Friday afternoon Mrs. C.W. Parker entertained a number of children in compliment to her son, Eddie, who was celebrating his eighth birthday anniversary. During the afternoon the children played outdoor games on the Parker lawn and refreshments were served to the large group. The invited list included: Patsy Fawcett, Jerry Garrison, Stanley Gentry, Louanna Mae Grabeel, Catherine Reynolds, Bobby Crane, Laverne Norman, Jimmy Norman, David McClure, Billy and Iwana Leneave, Iris Ann Lachmund, Robert Ellis, Ronnie House, Anita Hartley, Anna Lee Sanders, Sammye Lee Royce, Grace and Mary Ellen Smoot, Carolyn and Betty Joslyn, and Catherine Draper of Lebanon.

The marriage of Miss Inez Curnutt of Ava and Charley Boulson of Rolla did not become generally known in Ava until last week although they were married May 19.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wright announce the birth of an 8-½ pound son Monday afternoon, June 5. The Wrights have recently moved to the Earn Daugherty residence in the east part of town. They had formerly lived in the Thelma Waters apartment.

Joe Bacorn closed his bowling alley Monday for the summer season. Mr. Bacorn states that his fixtures will remain in the Walker building and he will reopen the business early in September.

ANNOUNCEMENT –– I have opened a chiropractic office here and am ready to take care of any case requiring this modern method of getting well. Dr. A. C. Pen­nington, Chiropractor, northwest corner of square.

That June is the month for weddings is attested to by the fact that there were four weddings of couples living in or near Ava consummated on Saturday, June 3, in addition to others before and since. Sisters Edith Orr and Violean Orr, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Orr of east of Ava, became brides in Saturday ceremonies. Edith Orr was married to Richard Clark, and Violean Orr married Joe Burris, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Burris of Ava, Route 2, four miles north of town. Virgil Proctor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Proctor of Norwood and Margaret Luellen were married Saturday. Also married Saturday were Clifford Trent, son of Mrs. Bige Trent of Thornfield, and Cinda Deckard of McClurg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Deckard.

DOGWOOD –– Several young people of this neighborhood have been entertaining both measles and mumps.


100 Years Ago

June 18, 1914


Ava Will Celebrate July 4th ––The biggest and best celebration ever held in Ava is expected this year. The treasurer reports $19.97 left from last years celebration, that together with something like $80.00 raised among those present at the meeting, makes a good starter.

President Wilson thinks that business conditions are going to improve. And, they are –– just as soon as the Wilson policies, which made them bad, are overthrown.

GRANADA ITEMS –– Earnest Reed, Roy Brixey and Callie Hendricks have gone to Kansas to work in the harvest fields.

MULLIGAN GAP ITEMS –– It is dangerous around Mulligan Gap. Everybody is on the warpath.

BASHER AND VICINITY –– Wheat harvest is in full blast. Wheat is much better than we thought it would be a few weeks ago.

The Ava High School is to receive some good substantial improvements before the next school year opens.  The board of directors, in session last Tuesday, decided to put in a concrete walk along the south side of the schoolhouse lot, and also to build a concrete porch and steps in front of the building. The porch and steps will be large and roomy and put up in first class shape. The walk will be five feet wide and thick enough so that it will not be injured by a freeze. Some plastering needs to be done and painting, and the doors and windows need fixing and some locks put on.

The “old trusted” Frank Heimeyer has been employed again this year as janitor.

DRURY ITEMS –– Grace Stafford and her sister Ethyl James are visiting the home folks this week, but will return to Mansfield next week.

Two Doctors are preparing to move to Drury soon. One being a faith doctor and the other a medical doctor.

GRANADA ITEMS –– Miss Susie Lee gave a birthday party June 5. It was her twenty-third anniversary. She received a few very nice presents. Those present were: Messrs Jas. Pruitt, Earnest Reed, Callie Hendrix, Curle Pierce, Misses Cora King, Lula and Zell Gillenwater, Neva Large, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Hyre, Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. W.A. King. A very enjoyable time was had, refreshments were served at a late hour and all arrived home in time for breakfast.

Marriage License –– Jas. Amos to Agnes Morris, both of Basher.

DENLOW ITEMS –– Andy Pennington has built a new hay barn.

125 Years Ago

June 6, 1889


Mr. Daniel J. Wood has been canvassing our town with a book, titled the “Pathway of Life”, which is the finest thing we have seen in some time, and a book that should be in every family.

Our readers will notice on another page the account of a terrible flood disaster at Johnstown, Pa. Late dispatches show the number of lives lost in drowning and burning to be between ten and thirteen thousand.

Why doesn’t some enterprising individual put up a canning factory here? As with the present prospect, if not injured yet in some way, the peach crop alone in this vicinity would abundantly warrant the enterprise, as hundreds of bushels must otherwise necessarily go to work.

The Mansfield Optic, a very newsy five-column quarto, the third number of which is upon our table. From its appearance Bro. Phoenix, the editor, is by no means an infantile journalist. We wish him success in his new field, and hope he may receive that substantial encouragement to which he certainly is justly entitled, as it reflects great credit to the enterprise of our neighboring little city.

Our Sabbath school was reorganized in part on last Sabbath by the election of Mr. Curnutt Superintendent and Mr. Jeff Bell assistant. As the former Superintendent J.K. Bulger, having moved to the country, made it inconvenient for him to be in regular attendance. We hope all will join Mr. Curnutt in making the Sunday school what it should be a grand success and a benefit to the entire community.

Mrs. Amelie Rives Chanler, the authoress, is just 26 years old.

Thomas Palmer, the last survivor of the British troops who fought as Corunna has just died in England.

George Vanderbilt has among his treasures the table, which Napoleon wrote upon, during his exile in St. Helena. It was presented to him by Mr. James McHenry of London, whose house in Holland Park is a repository for interesting relics of the empire.

This is a True Story. A man by the name of Klinkingbeard says he was once hunting in the Virginia Mountains. He got lost, traveled around all day until tired out; he sat down on the log to rest. After sitting here awhile he thought the log moved and jumped up and examined. He found to his unspeakable amazement that it was a large snake. He ran off about fifty yards and fired at it, but the ball glanced off without hurting the snake. The monstrous reptile raised its head about 50 feet, but Mr. Klinkingbeard soon had another load in his gun, and this time he aimed at the smooth place around the neck where there seemed to be no scales. This made the snake awfully sick and he spewed up a canoe and nine Indians.

On the evening of May 20, 1766, the citizens of Boston celebrated the repeal of the stamp act by hanging 108 lanterns on the old Liberty tree on Essex Street. One of the lanterns, which according to its inscription, was hung on the “the west bough, opposite Frog Lane,” has been in the Hunneman family ever since, and has just been presented to the Bostonian Society by the widow and children of the late Joseph H. Hunneman, of Roxbury.