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Douglas Co. Historical Society Meets May 19

The Douglas County Historical Society met Monday, May 19.
Sharon called the meeting to order. Pat read the minutes from last meeting and gave treasurer’s report.  Both were approved as read.
Summer Journals have been mailed.  Stories are needed for winter Journals.  Postage to mail Journals was discussed along with going digital and it was decided not right now. Items discussed were how to spend donation for research materials; and Sharon is having trouble finding the census records we need. She needs help finding 1920-up census records for surrounding counties. She asked that everyone look for following years: Howell County 1910-1940; Christian, Taney & Wright  Counties 1930-1940; Ozark County 1940; and Texas & Green Counties 1920-1940.
We are also looking for old plat books or old land maps-and would like to have copies. If anyone knows of any out there contact us at museum.
We had a Curry Book donated for fundraiser [already sold] and a Douglas County History book [it has already sold also].
We have funeral cards from Tom Johnson donated.  These are from the funerals he preached at. A discussion was had about how to display them.
A nominating committee was needed for new officers.  Marilyn was put in charge. Voting will be at next meeting and new officers will take office July 1.
Fundraising was discussed. Booth at nursing home-no cost for booth on June 27 and clean up by Monday.  It was decided to have a beard contest; put picture on can-no charge to enter. A penny a vote.  Person with most votes will win a prize. Will decide on schedule for help and prize at next meeting. Also discussed was selling playing cards with historical pictures on them. It was decided that we needed more information so that was tabled until next month.
Our monthly display is made out of post cards.
Motion to adjourn made by JD and seconded by Marilyn.  Those attending: J.D. Ross, Tom Roberts, Marilyn Alms, Sally Hicks, Sharon Sanders, and Pat Carmichael.