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Blakey Reunion 2014

Blakey Reunion 2014

Well another year has come and gone and I was pleased with the turn out we had. There were 37 present. Those attending were: Hellen Blakey, Betty DeChenne, George and Violet Blakey, Jim Goss, Ellis Blakey, Eric, Paula, Devin Verguven, Brenda Switzer, Gregory and Pam Grant, Haley and Cameron, Delmar and Margaret Rosseau, Julie Brener, Joan Bean, Johnathan and Annie Blakey, Alexia and Owen, John E. Goss, Sr., Michelle and Roy Johnson, Beth Stafford, Johnathan Snelson, Lakota Blakey, Andy and Brittany Mayberry, Tommie and Jamie Keith, Vernal and Ellen Blakey, Janell Verguven, Monica Reemes and her classmate, Gwen Hubbard.

I hope I got everyone’s name, but if you didn’t write it down it won’t be on the list.

Turkey, ham, chicken and the trimmings were served for dinner and wonderful dessert afterwards. Pictures were taken and then we drew for the quilt and Vernal Blakey won it. Then we had an aloe vera plant and Lakota Blakey got that. I think everyone had a good time and I turned the get-together book over to Betty DeChenne so she will be sending you a notice of our next reunion in 2016.

The ones that didn’t make it to the reunion, stop by and I will give you your Blakey address book that I updated. The number to call is 543-1952, please leave a message if I don’t answer. I appreciated everyone that has helped me with the Blakey Reunions and I wish a big appreciation to Violet for putting the Blakey quilt together.