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May Summary Included Temperatures in the 30s

The weather summary for the month of May reflects low temperatures just over a month ago in the 30s. In fact, the temperature range for May went from a low of 33.9 (officially reported as 40) degrees to a high of 92.
Oddly enough, the low reading was on May 1 and the high reading was on May 4.
Data recorded by EMA Director Billy Long shows identical lows of 33.9 on May 1 and May 16. The temperature dropped below 40 degrees on four occasions during the month.
Following the high reading of 92 on May 4, the temperature reached 91.7 (officially recorded as 92 degrees) again the following day on May 5. Those were the only days in May that the temperature reached 90 degrees.
The morning low did not go below 60 degrees after May 19.
The month of May was extremely dry, with only 3.80 inches of rainfall recorded in Ava.
The heaviest rainfall was 1.01 inches on May 12. The next highest total of .96 inch came on May 8. Other isolated showers during the month amounted to less than 1/2 inch each.