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Looking Backward 6.5.2014

25 Years Ago

June 1, 1989


The stage is set for the 1989 Poke Salat Days celebration.

Clinkingbeard Funeral Home will hold an open house this Saturday afternoon at their newly renovated and enlarged facility.

Crestview Healthcare, Ava, held a “Beautiful Baby” contest last week in conjunction with National Nursing Home Week. Babies were entered in two categories. Winners in the young group were: 1st place, Holly Breeding, 1 year-old daugh­ter of Kenneth and Helen Breeding; and 2nd place, Tiffany Dandurand, age 1, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dandurand. Winners in the older category of judging in the “Beautiful Baby” contest at Crestview Healthcare are: 2nd place Lindsey Sims, 2 ½ year old daugh­ter of John and Becky Sims; and 1st place, Micca Marin, 2 ½ year old daughter of Joan Burkdoll.

Charley and Mary (Bullard) Melton will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on June 6.

On May 6, the Bible drillers from First Southern Baptist Church, Ava, participated in the State Bible Drill at Windemere. Those attending were Dana Carrier, Emily Winkle, Lacey Turnery, Justin Stahlman, Jared Coberly, Jeff Coberly, Heather Robertson and Justin Stanton. Leaders of the group are Jo Stahlman and Faye Robertson.

The Ava Pitch Club met at the Village Inn Restaurant for a 7 o’clock dinner before the pitch games. Louis and Doris Prince, hosts, served desserts and coffee throughout the evening. Dorothy Maloney and Eukal Gardner held high scores. Others attending were Clinton Maloney, Nell Gardner, Betty Duewiger, Jean Barnes, Norma Pettit, Howard Curry, Wilson and Lois McClendon, and a guest couple, Clyde and Irene O’Hara.


50 Years Ago

May 28, 1964


Two Douglas County boys spent a night of high adventure in the Big Woods. They only trouble was, they forgot to tell their parents what they were going to do. As a result a search party was organized Mon­day morning to try and locate Earl Adams, 14, and his brother, Jackie Dean Adams, 12, Route 3, Ava. The boys had left their home about 2:30 p.m. Sunday and their failure to return led their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dillard Adams, to believe they were lost.

An organization meeting for boys and managers who will take part in the junior American Legion baseball program this summer was held Monday night. Eleven boys have signed up for the squad. Team members include Randy Barnes, Richard McFarlin, Howard Strong, Bart Monger, Mike Spurlock, Tommy Halford, Eddie Bacorn, Jr., Lester Cook, Lonnie Swofford, Gary Ellison and Craig Grant.

A 52-year-old farmer from Almartha, Ozark County, was acquitted last Thursday night of first degree murder charges filed in October 1959, in connection with the poisoning death of Kenneth Deyo, also of Almartha, in July 1959. The three-day murder trial was held last week in the circuit court of Judge Joe C. Crain at Gainesville.

JACKSON, Miss. – Gary Leroy Kester of Ava, is a candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree at Millsaps College this year. Gary has spent this week in Ava with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Kester, and his sister, Marilyn. The family will leave Friday to attend the commencement exercises and re­turn Monday.

A graduate of Ava High School will receive his Master of Arts de­gree in education from San Jose State College, San Jose, Calif., on June 6. Charles Lundine graduated from Ava High School in 1946 and later received a Bachelor of Science degree in education from South­west Missouri State College. He also attended Drury University graduate school in Springfield.

A double birthday party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Posey in honor of their two children, Phyllis Ann and Dennis Ray. Dennis Ray celebrated his second birthday on that day. Phyllis Ann will celebrate her fourth birthday June 3.

Mrs. Jessie Cutbirth entertained in her home last Thursday evening in honor of her aunt, Mrs. Lizzie Porter and son, Roy, of Whitefish, Mont. Other family members en­joying the evening with Mrs. Porter were Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Sherrill, Mr. and Mrs. Billie Joe Evans, Pam and Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Cutbirth, Sandy and Danny, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Walker, Darrell and Dianne, and Troy Sherrill and Timmy.

A-2c and Mrs. Joe Harley left Ava Friday morning to return to Bangor, Maine, where he is stationed at Dow Air Force Base.


75 Years Ago

June 1, 1939


Bert Hunderson, 55-year-old druggist at Sparta this week stands accused of murdering Dr. Hugh Wise, 49, also of Sparta, well known physician and a prominent Republican leader in Christian County. Dr. Wise was shot to death in the rear of Henderson’s drug store sometime Sunday after­noon after the two men, friends of long standing, drank a few high­balls together.

The twenty-seventh annual Douglas County singing attracted a crowd estimated at between three and four thousand persons to the Ava City Park singing.

Elvin Burgin, 18, sustained a cut on the forehead Sunday evening when he was thrown off a horse at this home in the Turkey Creek community east of Ava. He was riding after cattle when the running horse stopped short, sending his rider over his head. The youth was brought to Ava and the wound was closed by a local physician.

ROCKBRIDGE – Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alms of Ava and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gardener visited Sun­day at J.P. Edwanis.

The Gentryville store building, two residence properties, stone cabins, and other improvements at Gentryville, 22 miles east of Ava, were sold recently by Noble Barker of Mountain Grove, to A.A. Adams, of Ava.   The Gentryville store was sold last week to Fred Livingston of Ava and will be in­voiced about the first of July. J.P. Massey is the present merchant at Gentryville.

Announcement is made this week of the opening of a new busi­ness house in Ava, the Jones Feed Company, local representatives for the Pilley Creamery Company. The Jones Feed Company will be located in the old Gentry building half a block west of the northwest corner of the square. The business is managed by Leonard Jones, for­merly of Nixa. The store opened for business Monday.

PLEASANT GREEN –– Miss Lorna Moxley is recovering very nicely from having her tonsils removed.

ROBERTSON –– Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smith of Noble visited friends here the early part of this week.

DENLOW –– The Denlow cem­etery has received its charter from the secretary of state, and by-laws for the governing of the cemetery were adopted at Denlow Tuesday at the Memorial Day service.

ELLIOTT –– Quite a large crowd attended decoration services that were held at New Prospect Church at the Dobbs Cemetery Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Clift, and Howard Walker left early Tuesday morning for a three-day fishing trip in the vicinity of Forsyth.


100 Years Ago

June 11, 1914


The people of Pennsylvania, like the people the country over, are impatient for a restoration of the kind of National administration they mistakenly set aside in 1912. They want their old jobs and the old prosperity back, and they know how and where to go get ‘em.

Friendship Camp No. 3543 R. N. A. are making preparations for a Gypsy Carnival to be given in Ava on the Courthouse lawn June 20. Gypsies will serve ice cream and booths of different kinds will be in charge of Gypsies. Gypsy fortune tellers as well as Gypsy horse trad­ers will be present so if you want to see and get acquainted with a Band of Gypsies, don’t fail to be in at­tendance at the Carnival.

Much bosh is said and written about a woman’s voting. Govern­mentally little difference would result. These folks worrying about a woman losing her ‘charm” if she votes, do not rave over the degrad­ing influence of the washtub, or the hoe, and of the slaving toil in the home.

One of the new features of the State Fair in Missouri this year is the silo school proposed by Mr. W. L. Nelson, assistant Secretary of the Missouri State Board of Agricul­ture. There will be a special sec­tion of the fair devoted to erected silos of all kinds and to models of makes not putting up full size structures.

The beautiful lawn of G.R. Curry was aglow last Wednesday evening for a reception of the Bap­tist Sunday School class the “Royal Daughters” and their husbands. The occasion was in honor of Prof. and Mrs. F.C. Wilkins who de­parted today for their home in Christian County.

The drought continues and veg­etation is suffering for want of rain, though a rain in the next few days would do much good to all crops.

CROSS ROADS – R. S. Lethco is having a cellar dug.

The trial of Ike Johnson and Isaac Pruitt charged with disturbing the peace at the Breedon school­house a short time ago was held at C.W. Wood’s Monday and resulted in a hung jury.

The grasshoppers have been doing much damage to the growing crops.

CHAMPSON ITEMS –– Misses Pearl Baker, Eyia Hutchison, Fronia Dobbs and Ethyl and Emma Irwin spent Sunday with India Grasham.

Sheriff Jack Spurlock has moved his residence near the school building, which he recently bought.

125 Years Ago

June 6, 1889


Our county jail has two or three regular boarders.

The new business house of Mr. H.M. Miller is fast nearing com­pletion, and when finished will be a credit to our town.

Mr. William Horner purchased the front portion of the jail lot this week, and we are informed pro­posed to erect a feed store in the near future.

To turn gray hair to its natural color and beauty, use Halls Vege­table Sicilian Hair Renewer, the best and most reliable preparation science has given us.

From the Mansfield Optic –– The dead body of an unknown man was found in West Dallas Town­ship Webster County last week, supposed to have been dead some time as it was badly decomposed. No clew as to who he was or the cause of his death.

NOTICE –– I can be found up­stairs over Payee’s Grocery Store, and will repair boots and shoes in a workman-like style. J. J. Sloan.

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. –– The pil­laging of houses in Johnstown was something awful to contemplate and describe last night and it made one feel almost ashamed to call himself a man and know that others who bore the same name had con­verted themselves into human vul­tures, preying on the dead. Men carried shotguns and revolvers and woe betide the stranger who looked even suspiciously at any article. Goods of great value were being sold in town today for a drink of whiskey.

Artist Whistler, the pugnacious American, has removed his pictures at the Paris exposition from the United States department to the British.

Judge J. H. Gaston, of Merri­weather, Ga., has jumped across a 13-foot gully every birthday of his life for many years. The other day he was 75 years old, and he made the jump with perfect ease.

CHICAGO, Ill. –– It is reported from Michigan tonight that a heavy snowstorm prevailed in that section today.   At Grand Rapids a heavy rainfall changed to snow during the afternoon. At Tuscola, Ill., snow fell this morning and ice formed later in the day. At Winamac, Ind., a snowstorm prevailed this after­noon. There will be much danger done.

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Whenever one man assails an­other through the press, he may possibly have a little manhood about him, but when he assails helpless and defenseless females, then he becomes a low-down pol­troon and coward. The honorable and respectable people of Douglas County can easily form their judg­ments, and correct judgments too, with regard to this matter –– the other kind I have nothing to do with. I have lived too long in this world; have had too many dealings with high minded, honorable men, to be affected in the slightest de­gree by a set of overgrown, double-jointed, monkey-eyed, knock-kneed, cucumber-shined, gizzard-footed, whiskey soaked, two-legged cowardly skunks as the country is unfortunately cursed with at present. I have had many a bout with men of brains and de­cency in the past, but do not propose to take up my time and your space in swapping filth and indecency with every contemptible pop-in-jay who desires to gain notoriety by assailing decent and respectable people through every two by four filth rag in the country. Yours respectfully, W.B Watts.