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Ava 5th & 6th Graders Have Track & Field Day

Brandy Harvill and Jeff Pool, physical education teachers in the Ava Middle School, organized a track and field day for all the Ava 5th & 6th grade students.  Brandy Harvill is also the Wellness Champion for the Schools as a Hub Health/Fitness grant.  Each student got to participate in four events during the meet.  The high school track team members helped run the field events and timed the running events. Nikki Rieken and Kyle Clinkingbeard, Ava High School alumni and past track members, were home from college and volunteered to help time the running events.  Kyle is now a member of the St. Louis University Track team. Sheila Reiken announced the events and results over the PA, to give the event the same feel as a real track meet. The winning class for the 5th grade was Mrs. Dalton’s class, and Mrs. Vinson’s class won the 6th grade competition!