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Ava Area Animal Welfare League, Junior Gives Spring Report

BEARS DEN REPORT: The Ava  Area  Animal  Welfare  League, Junior scheduled  programs at the Ava R-1 Middle School through the Caring Kids-Bears Den program this past year.   Unfortunately, most of  this semester’s meetings were cancelled due to school being dismissed for snow and ice. We did have a program presented by Nettie Perez, Wildlife Biologist with the United States Forest Service, who is stationed at the Ava Ranger Station. She gave a slide show program on black bears.  Students had a lively discussion about bear sightings in this community and had questions about bear habits and habitat.  She gave information and discussed with the students safety rules when a bear is sighted, or people are hunting, camping or in vicinities where bears live.
Middle-school teacher sponsors and Welfare League adult sponsors  met to plan programs for the  next school year.
What We Have Done
Since 2008 we have given back $12,230 to the Ava Community. Primarily this money was paid to veterinarians to help offset the cost for their services with our spay/neuter programs. Each year our program has been able to increase the number of pets getting spayed/neutered, which decreases the number of unwanted animals.  We have been able to help 541 pets get reduced cost spay/neuter services.
LOCAL FUND-RAISING: PROJECTS:  Local fund-raising projects are the annual Chamber of  Commerce City-wide Yard Sale held the first week-end of June each year.  The sale is June 5-7 in 2014.
Other funding sources include a yearly grant from the Missouri Department of Agriculture,  donation cans at local businesses; Ava R-1 Middle- school students sponsor a change drive; pet photo contest; individual donors;  memorial donations in honor of a beloved pet or a loving pet-owner, and a grant from the Douglas County Community Foundation.  Other fund-raisers are being researched
These local fund-raisers pay for the coupon program offered to the general public through a coupon in the Douglas County Herald.  The coupon offers reduced-cost spay or neuter for cats or dogs at participating local veterinarians:  The Animal Clinic of Ava, and  Doctor Thomas Wright at Mansfield.
CITY POUND ADOPTIONS:  Coupons for reduced spay or neuter procedures are also funded through our fund-raising projects and  provided as  a part of the adoption procedure for cat or dog adoptions from the City of Ava animal pound.
The AAAWLJ is a non-profit youth and adult community organization.    We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible.    Our mission is to reduce pet overpopulation by providing funding and access to low-cost spay and neuter programs, promote adoptions from our local pound, and encourage pet health and the well-being of animals in our area.  .  Our mailing address is AAAWLJ, P.O. Box 1885, Ava, MO  65608