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Rowland Report 5.22.2014

Greetings from your State Capitol.  The last day of session has arrived.  We started at 9 a.m. and ended at 6 p.m. with a flurry of activities.  Some bills made the deadline and some didn’t.  We had lots more filed bills that didn’t make it into law, than we had completed.  The bills passed this week included both House and Senate bills:
SB 841 modifies provisions relating to alternative nicotine or vapor products.
SB 785 expands one time temporary boating safety identification card opportunity to include Missouri residents.
SB 492 requires the cooperative development of a university resource allocation model that incorporates performance funding for public four-year institutions of higher education and State Technical College of Missouri.
SB 782 allows an individual with certification from the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence to obtain teacher certification in elementary education.
SB 593 modifies provisions relating to nonpartisan elections.  It allows for the waiver, with restrictions, of having a vote when the number of candidates equals the positions open.
SB 723 raises the cap on the amount of revenue bonds that may be issued and limits the use of funds to renovation of existing buildings.
SB 656 modifies the live fire exercise and testing requirements for a concealed carry permit.
SB 504 requires state agencies to post proposed rules, summaries, and fiscal notes on their websites.
SB 615 modifies provisions of law relating to court costs.
SB 734 allows members of electric cooperatives to participate in certain meetings by mail or electronic means.
SB 735 establishes duty to inform campground guests of campground policies and establishes causes for which a campground owner can remove a person from a campground and a penalty for failure to leave.
SB 794 allows certain financial institutions to transfer fiduciary obligations.
SB 731 modifies provisions relating to nuisance ordinances and actions.
SB 506 is an agriculture omnibus bill.  It contains several laws dealing with agriculture and will be reported in full if the Governor signs.
SB 992 makes the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate voting members of the Board of Public Buildings.
SB 727 creates a sales and use tax exemption for farm products sold at a farmers’ market.
SB 500 modifies provisions of law relating to no-contest clauses in wills and trusts.
SB 508 requires that an applicant for a navigator license must take an exam created by the Department of Insurance and submit to a criminal background check.
SB 809 modifies provisions of law regarding licensing of architects, professional engineers, professional land surveyors, and professional landscape architects.
SB 852 provides the Department of Public Safety with regulatory and licensing authority over corporate security advisors.
SB 754 modifies provisions relating to pharmacy including the MO RX Prescription Drug Program.
SB 635 prohibits issuance of certain incentives to business relocating from certain counties in Kansas if Kansas enacts a similar prohibition.
SB 860 creates a sales and use tax exemption for used manufactured homes.
SB 866 preempts local laws that would modify current law governing the manner in which traditional installment loan lenders are allowed to make loans.
SB 884 establishes contractual provisions for entities engaged in the provision of dental services.
SB 584 specifies which places of amusement, entertainment, recreation, games, and athletic events must collect sales tax.
SB 844 modifies the shared work unemployment compensation program.
SB 691 allows homeowner insurance companies to offer sinkhole coverage under the “Missouri Basic Property Insurance Inspection and Placement Program.”
SB 777 extends a sales tax exemption for replacement parts to aircraft.
SB 664 modifies the authority of the Clean Water Commission.
SB 655 modifies who may lawfully occupy rental property and procedures for eviction of a tenant.
SB 680 modifies the eligibility requirements for food stamp assistance.
SB 869 suspends or redirects adoption subsidy payments in certain cases involving child abuse and neglect.
SB 642 modifies provisions relating to proposed surface mining operations.
SB 567 modifies provisions relating to adult day care programs.
SJR 27 provides that the people shall be secure in their electronic communications and data.
SB 773 allows first responders to drive ground ambulances in certain emergency situations.
SB 527 designates each March 27th as “Medical Radiation Safety Awareness Day.”
SB 575 modifies and repeals a number of existing, expired or obsolete committees as well as creating the new Joint Committee on Judiciary and Justice.
SB 818 expands allowable uses for aviation trust fund moneys and modifies requirements for specified limited uses.
SB 842 modifies the authority of the Director of the Department of Revenue to conduct diesel fuel inspections.
SCR 22 urges the National Park Service to not take action on the Ozark National Scenic Riverways general management plan, and for the Department of the Interior to negotiate the return of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways to the state.
SCR 17 establishes the Joint Committee on Solid Waste Management District Operations.
SB 707 modifies the definitions of “all-terrain vehicle,” “recreational off-highway vehicle,” and “utility vehicle.”
SB 829 modifies provisions relating to burden of proof in tax liability cases.
SBs 638 & 647 modify provisions relating to benevolent tax credits.
SCR 31 urges the United States Congress and the President of the United States to reauthorize the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program.
SCR 43 designates the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which is to be built on the College of the Ozarks Campus in Point Lookout, Missouri, as the official Vietnam War Memorial of the State of Missouri.
SCR 34 urges the National Football League to award an upcoming Super Bowl to Kansas City.
SB 717 allows a federally employed pharmacist to practice in Missouri without a state pharmacist license.
SB 696 increases the penalties and driver license suspension periods for those who fail to yield the right-of-way in certain instances.
HB 1439 establishes the Second Amendment Preservation Act and changes the laws regarding firearms.
Overall, I feel we have accomplished several things to improve our State and the way we live.  A complete list of bills that made it to the Governor’s office and whether he vetoes or signs them into law will be distributed by the newspapers in July.
You can find all bill information on the House website at:
As always, it is a privilege to represent you in State Government.