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Looking Backward 5.22.2014

25 Years Ago

May 18, 1989


Members of the Ava High School graduating class of 1929 gathered at the Alumni Banquet Saturday night for 60-year reunion. Members of the class are Erma Jennings, Lorene Malloy Cabe, Dicey Valentine, Gwendolyn Harley, Ernest Hart, Elmer Schudy and Earl Osburn.

Installation of county road markers began last week, and by the end of this week markers should be in place along major routes throughout the county. The attractive green signs with white reflective lettering are being mounted on sturdy steel posts at the intersection of every road.

Thursday, June 1 will kick open the gates on the 1989 Poke Salat Days celebration in Ava, and Thursday evening has been declared youth night in the festivities.

Mr. and Mrs. Hurse Smith will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, May 21, with a reception in Mountain Grove.

An anniversary party was held on May 6, to celebrate 40 years of marriage for Kenneth and Emma Alderman.

The Ava High School 3200 meter relay team set a new school record at the district track meet at Reeds Springs last Saturday. Members of the team who set a mark of 8:13.94 are Scott Silvey, Halle Adams, John Akers and Scott Sallee. They beat the previous school record of 8:14.6 set in 1981 by Dean Wilkens, Randy Nash, Lester Platt and Ed Wattorff.

RED BUD VILLAGE –– Hester Hale was pleased to see an old schoolmate, Lorene Malloy Cabe, From Stroud, Okla. The girls had attended school at Arno nearly 60 years ago. Billie Malloy brought her to see Hester, then she attended the alumni banquet.


50 Years Ago

May 14, 1964


Seventh District Republicans chose Mrs. Elda Callaway of Ava and Frank G. Fenix of Joplin as their delegates to the national GOP convention July 13 in San Francisco.

Dr. M. Graham Clark, president of the School of the Ozarks at Point Lookout, Mo., will deliver the baccalaureate sermon to seniors of the 1964 graduating class of Ava High School.

The four retiring members of the Board of Directors of the Ava Industrial Development Corporation were reelected to terms of three years each at the annual stockholders meeting held at the Legion Hall Thursday evening, May 7. They are J.G. Heinlein, Herman Davis, Everett Hesterlee and C.E. Gaulding. Also reelected for terms of one year each were Ramey Smith, president; Marcus Holman, secretary, and Herman Davis, treasurer. Holdover members of the board are Cecil Harley, E.H. Cooper, Ovle House, Fred Lethco, Earnie Uhlmann, J.E. Curry and Ramey Smith.

Mrs. T.A. Baker presented a group of her piano students in recitals at 2 and 3:15 o’clock Sunday afternoon. Five young ladies from Ava, who are students of Mrs. Baker, appeared in the 3:15 program. They were Miss Janet Curry, Miss Marsha Pettit, Miss Connie Prock and Misses Patricia and Marjorie Moore.

The Wasola School students of Ava R-1 district made a trip to the 2000-acre Marvel Cave Park near Branson one day last week. Students and chaperones making the trip were Robert Clay, Roger Denney, Gary Snelson, Bob Miller, Junior Snelson, Betty David, Lucy Satterfield, Christian Satterfield, Jennifer Snelson, Judy Stewart, Buddy Stewart, Fred Snelson and Thelma Snelson.

Another of our farm boys is not too far behind the times. James Pueppke, a 1964 AHS senior, has been notified of his acceptance to the next class at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and is to report next month. Gaining entrance into this school is a highly competitive affair and requires a great deal of ability. Good Luck James.

Visit the Gold Medallion Home open house Saturday & Sunday, May 16-17 built and displayed by Posey Brothers Construction Company, Ava, a beautiful “All Electric” home located in Rainbow Ridge Subdivision, at the northwest edge of Ava. This spacious three-bedroom home has 1600 square feet of living area, plus a two-car garage.

One of Ava’s oldest and most gracious ladies, Mrs. G.B. Wilson, celebrated her 94th birthday Tuesday, May 12, and had a very happy day.

Hwy. 5 and 76 projects are on the May bid call of the Missouri State Highway Commission. Primary system work includes construction of another new segment of Hwy. 5, south of Ava.


75 Years Ago

May 18, 1939


The only woman member of the legislature last week succeeded in her efforts to have the House pass a constitutional amendment giving women the right to sit on juries. The amendment was sponsored by Mrs. Gladys B. Stewart, Republican of Douglas County, and received one more vote than the required constitution majority of 76. It will go to the senate now and, if approved there, will be submitted to a vote of the people in 1940.

There seems to be no doubt that the political mill for 1940 has begun to grind earlier than has happened in almost any modern time. Politicians and political forecasters, alike, agree that the activity, the advance agents of the 1940 campaign with its national conventions and presidential nominations and national election, is evident now to a greater extent than has been recorded in almost any other quadrennial period.

Mrs. Murley Grabeel entertained a group of youngsters Tuesday afternoon in honor of her daughter Louanna Mae, whose eighth birthday was Sunday, May 14. Refreshments were served to the following: Inetha Schlosser, Catherine Reynolds, Sammye Lee Royce, Iris Ann Lachmund, Betty Grace Smoot, Helen Cudworth, Mollie Sue Banta, Beverly Dilsaver, Patsy Fawcett, Lena Faye Spurlock, Laverne Norman, Evelyn Pruitt, Wilda Jane and Virginia Ludwig, Lois Manis, Robert Ellis, Larry Belt, Bobby Crain, Sam Wiggins, Calvin Sutherland, Carol Rippee, Bobby Burris, Eddie Parker, Donald and Billie Pitts, Tommy Nason Kellogg and Royce Klyne Waters.

Mansfield voters will go to the polls next Tuesday for the second time to pass on whether the city shall issue $17,000 in bonds to pay its share of the cost of an $85,000 sewerage system and disposal plant, which it is proposed to build as a WPA project.

Announcement is made this week of the purchase of the Kay Yeoman radio stock by Joe Steelman, who has returned to Ava from Chehallis, Washington, where he has been in the radio business. The new business will be known as the Steelman Radio and Electric Company and is located in the Hodges Motor Company building.

Two federal wolf trappers will be employed in Lebanon for a three-month period at the request of county stockmen who applied to the county court for sponsorship of the employment in an effort to rid the county of the destroyers of live stock.

DENLOW –– The mumps are still holding on in the community.

A woman shackled to a typewriter on a bright spring morning when the whole outdoors is calling is a woman paying for her sins.


100 Years Ago

May 28, 1914


A new organization was perfected in our city during the past week that bids fair to be a great factor in the upbuilding and boosting of Ava, known as the Ava Welfare League. The League is anxious to carry out, such as cooperation with the city officials in cleaning up the city, a general advertising campaign, a steady and progressive campaign for good roads and better streets, the latter having recently received untold benefits by the grading and work done on them by the city forces.

Judging from the effect on business of the past fourteen months under “New Freedom,” we would rather go back to the good “old freedom” we enjoyed under McKinley, Roosevelt and Taft administrations.

NOTICE –- While away in Hot Springs, Arkansas, it was reported that I was married. I wish to correct the statement, as I have returned home and it is causing some confusion. I am still single. Sidney Towe.

BRUSHY KNOB –- Sam Heard is preparing to move to Ava having secured the rural mail job there. Sam has done this kind of work before and gave excellent satisfaction. Here is to his success in his new field.

A man always feels shocked to see his wife hoist her skirt clear to her knees when negotiating a muddy crossing, but never “gives a whimper” when some other man’s wife does the same thing.

MULLIGAN GAP –– Last Sunday Mr. Miller of Basher went out hunting and took his dog along. The first thing they found was a ground hog. It got them scared and whipped them slick and clean. They went to the house and got a gun and shot it.

Ava is getting to be a “yes” town. At the special election last week the $1.00 levy for school purposes carried, there being 166 votes for and 45 against. It will mean an approved four-year high school in the town.

CHAMPION ITEMS –– Little Alice Irwin has had the misfortune of sticking a thorn in her foot a few days ago and is under the doctor’s care.

GOODHOPE ITEMS –– There was another one of the old soldiers passed away a few days ago. Mr. Johnson leaves a wife and several children and friends to mourn his departure.


125 Years Ago

May 23, 1889


Wm. Nix will be tried in Champion Township next Saturday for disturbing the peace.

J. D. Reynolds is treating his house to a complete outfit of screen doors. F.F. Tallman is doing the work.

It is reported that William K. Vanderbilt, who bought 4,000 acres of land near Ashville, N.C. will build there the finest private residence in the south. It is to be 300 feet in length and will cost over $1,000,000.

The Czar of Russia has issued an edict forbidding members of his family to construct morganatic marriages. The Czar recently celebrated his 45th birthday.

The regular income of John D. Rockefeller is $20,000,000 a year, says the New York Sun. That makes him the richest man in the United States, perhaps the very richest in the world. He is a Baptist.

To the Herald Editor: For many months past, a certain little snoot wiper published in Ava, the editor of which verily believes that he is the living personification of all that is great, grand and lovely. A distinguished knight of the pastorship, who bellows about Democracy worse than a bob-tailed bovine in flytime, when the fact is that politically he has not an idea above a yearling goat. Knows no more about the principals of Democracy than a Madagascar monkey, yet this self constituted guardian of the people of this county would be leader of the Democracy of Douglas County, who really has not sense enough to lead a blind mule to water, seems to have taken a special delight in abusing me in his lying little sheet all without any cause of provocation whatever. No man in Ava or throughout Douglas County with any brains or decency has escaped from this lying, slanderous pen. It is true that here where he is so well known, it matters but little what he might utter or write, but in remote parts of the county there may be a few who might be misled into the belief that he has told the truth once or twice since his birth. In the last issue of “that diminutive filth rag,” he accuses the judges of our county with drinking whiskey, accuses George B. Waters with rascality, and my humble self with being responsible for the “otter slide” running loose. Now the truth is this same fable pusher published a long list of names each of whom he said would make an affidavit against Bob Lee for selling liquor. He continues to lie willingly, willfully and maliciously about me, charging me with remissness of duty, in not jerking the bottom out of the otter slide. The fact is that if the slide should shut up shop and go out of business, its best customer, the Democrat man, would be cut off from his daily rations.   The courts of our County will grind away as usual; George b. Waters will attend strictly, promptly and honestly to his own business; The Herald will pursue the even tenor of its ways, and, your writer will continue to discharge his official duties, despite the idiotic grumblings of the champion prevaricator of the Southwest. Yours respectfully, W.B. Watts     P. S.   Since writing the above I learn that the Democrat man was refused credit at the “slide” for ten cents worth of “rot gut,” which readily explains his ripping, ranting and bellowing.