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Rowland Report 5.8.2014

Greetings from your State Capitol.  Had a very busy week.  Had a sad time this week attending the visitation and funeral of a very close uncle.  Enjoyed seeing the Taneyville students at the capitol this week.  Some of these students were kindergartners when I retired.
Bills passed this week included:
HB 1358 changes the laws regarding infrastructure replacement surcharges for water and sewer corporations.
HB 1647 prohibits the state and political subdivisions from implementing policies affecting property rights and from entering into certain relationships with organizations.
HB 1612 changes the laws regarding garnishments.
HB 2116 changes the laws regarding public safety.
HB 1231 changes the laws regarding judicial procedures.
HB 2079 allows specified sewer corporations to contract with water districts or municipalities to terminate water service for non-payment of a sewer bill.
HB 1867 changes the laws regarding underground facility safety.
HB 1937 changes the definition of recreational use for purposes of landowner liability.
HB 1792 specifies that an act by the General Assembly is not required to authorize certain grants or conveyances of an easement to use state property.
HB 2163 changes the laws regarding motor vehicle height and weight limits in certain city commercial zones.
HB 2141 modifies measurement standards and tax rates for compressed and liquefied natural gas as a motor fuel.
HB 1157 requires the State Board of Education within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to adopt a rule regarding student data accessibility.
SB 690 specifies that a Greene County emergency telephone service board is not a political subdivision unless the county commissioners adopt an order reclassifying the board as such.
SB 523 prohibits school districts from requiring a student to use an identification device that uses radio frequency identification technology to transmit certain information.
SB 600 removes additional fee for issuance of Gold Star license plates.
SB 510 redefines “misconduct” and “good cause” for the purposes of disqualification from unemployment benefits.
SB 612 extends allocation of tax revenues from the nonresident entertainer and athlete tax until December 31, 2020.
SB 689 expands the types of packages in which malt liquor may be sold pursuant to a permit for the sale of malt liquor in the original package.
SB 694 modifies the law relating to payday loans.
SB 525 modifies provisions relating to food preparation and production.
SB 526 requires the Division of Workers’ Compensation to develop and maintain a workers’ compensation claims database.
SB 529 modifies the Missouri Public Prompt Payment Act and the law relating to public works projects.
SB 606 repeals a statute that requires certain persons to be licensed as an insurance agent.
SB 609 modifies applicability of electronic communication of insurance documents to other provisions of law.
SB 610 extends consumer protections against predatory business practices by contractors to owners of commercial properties.
SB 741 Authorizes gaming establishment to provide lines of credit.
SB 673 modifies the duration of unemployment compensation the method to pay federal advances, and raises the fund trigger causing contribution rate reductions.
SB 701 allows school districts to share a superintendent who possesses a valid Missouri’s superintendent’s license.
SB 716 requires hospitals to offer flu immunizations to patients 65 years of age or older prior to discharge.
SB 672 modifies provisions relating to prosecuting attorneys.
SB 643 modifies provisions regarding the publishing of the Missouri statutes by the Revisor of Statutes.
SB 808 modifies provisions of law relating to the practice of social work.
SB 812 requires the Department of Economic Development to open an office in Israel.
SB 530 allows for drug use or convictions to be considered in determining parental fitness in termination of parental rights proceedings.
SB 493 (transfer bill) modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education.
SCR 29 establishes a Juvenile Justice Task Force.
SCR 36 establishes a Multiple Sclerosis Task Force.
Budget bills have all been voted to go to conference.
Only two weeks left in session and everyone is looking for ways of getting their bills passed.  It may look like we are unorganized, on the floor, but actually we are gaining support for our issues.  I’m sure we will have lengthy reports the next two weeks of bills being passed.
All bill information can be found at
As always, it is a privilege to represent you in state government.