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Ava Students Excel at State Music Contest

Ava music students at state contest in Columbia

Each spring semester band and choir students across the state work diligently to prepare for performances that are judged at the State level.
This year a total of 26 Ava High School band and choir students traveled to Columbia on Saturday May 3 to compete at State Music Solo and Ensemble Contest.
The band took a total of 19 students, participating in eight solos and six ensembles.  Out of the 14 events, the students received nine Honor I ratings, four Honor II ratings, and one Honor III rating.
The choir took seven students, participating in one solo and one ensemble. Out of the two events, the students received two Honor II ratings.
The ratings are as follows:
I – Exemplary Performance;
II -Outstanding Performance;
III – Satisfactory Performance;
IV – Developing Performance;
V – Ineffective Performance.
The following is a list of the students who performed for State and their ratings:
Mallory Allen, 10th grade, Saxophone Quartet, II rating.
Emily Armour, 12th grade, Mixed Woodwind Trio & Clarinet Trio, II & II.
Emily Bailey, 9th grade, Clarinet Trio, II.
Alexis Beverlin, 9th grade, Saxophone Quartet, II.
Benen Canape, 9th grade, Percussion Trio & Timpani Solo, I & I.
Connor Canape, 10th grade, Brass Quintet, I
Scotlyn Canape, 11th grade, Clarinet Trio & Clarinet Solo, II & I.
Kim Copeland, 11th grade, Mixed Woodwind Trio, Flute Solo, Brass Quintet & French Horn Solo, II, I, I, & I.
Elizabeth Ferguson, 12th grade, Saxophone Quartet, Mixed Woodwind Trio & Flute Solo, II, II, & I.
Christian Follin, 12th grade, Saxophone Quartet, II.
Michael Fratti, 10th grade, Percussion Trio, I.
Matt Freeman, 12th grade, Brass Quintet, I.
Andrew Giorgianni, 11th grade, Brass Quintet, I.
Samuel Greilick, 9th grade, Flute Quartet, III.
Alivia Groth, 9th grade, Flute Quartet, III.
Gabe Page, 11th grade, Percussion Trio, Multiple Percussion Solo, & Timpani Solo, I, I, & I.
Savanna Rode, 9th grade, Flute Quartet, III.
Jennifer Withers, 10th grade, Flute Solo & Flute Trio, II & III.
Maranda Yost, 11th grade, Brass Quintet, I.
Stephanie Ellis, 12th grade, Vocal Girls Sextet, II.
Tristan Kayne, 12th grade, Vocal Girls Sextet, II.
Brittanie Newell, 12th grade, Vocal Girls Sextet, II.
Deevala Rawling, 12th grade, Vocal Girls Sextet, II.
Rachel Swofford, 12th grade, Vocal Girls Sextet, II.
Jessica Treece, 12th grade, Vocal Girls Sextet, II.
John Vineyard, 12th grade, Vocal Solo, II.