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Ava Students Compete In Alpha Rho Tau Art Contest

Jon Maas took 1st place at Alpha Rho Tau with his classic car image.

Last Friday students from Ava high school’s art department traveled to Willow Springs high school to compete in the 47th annual Alpha Rho Tau art competition.
Several area schools also compete in the yearly competition, with Willow Springs taking the top honors with the most points won in the competition.
Each piece entered into the competition is judged by three local judges that the hosting school chooses.
Ava students who competed in the competition where Kymber Koop, Harlie Gunter, Devin Stewart, Dakotah Moree, Jimilynn Raybould, John Bryan, Julia Derbyshire, Ethan Yocum, Marsha Williams, Kacy Longino, Kayte Aid, Sam Harris, Amy Cathcart, Darby Eggleston, Jon Maas, Ashley Nichols, Sarah Stevens, Ivie Macy, Jessica Doisher, and Alison Emerick.
Ava students who won ribbons at the completion included:
Senior Ashley Nichols, 4th place  for her jewelry piece; senior John Bryan 1st place for his turtle kite; senior Jon Maas, 1st place for his classic car image; and junior Darby Eggleston, Student Choice, for her eye drawing.