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Ava School Board Calls Emergency Meeting, Denies Request For Additional Details

The Ava R-I School Board held an emergency-called special board meeting on Monday, April 28, and according to minutes provided by school administrators, the session convened at 5 p.m.

On Wednesday, May 7, the Herald requested minutes for both the open and closed sessions, and readily received both write-ups by fax.

However, the unofficial minutes only stated that the board convened to discuss personnel and real estate considerations. No details or votes were noted in the meeting minutes, and school officials denied our request for more details.

Following the meeting one week ago, it was noted that school officials invoked the 72-hour rule, which under the Sunshine Law offers a 72-hour period of protection before specific voting decisions must be disclosed; however, since no votes were taken during the emergency meeting, implementing the 72-hour rule was inapplicable.

According to meeting minutes, the session lasted one hour.