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Scattered Rain Totals 5.5 Inches of Precipitation in April

Rainfall during the month of April was scattered, but all in all, a total of 5.34 inches of precipitation was recorded in the Ava area.
The most significant rainfall came on April 3 when 1.63 inches was received. We got another .81 inch on April 7, .55 on April 13, .65 on April 21, .79 on April 27 and .56 on April 28.
So, while we did not get a huge amount of rainfall during the month, these statistics show we did receive significant rainfall each week.
The warmest temperature recorded during April was 85 degrees on April 10 and the coolest temperature was 25 degrees on April 15.
The temperature dropped below the freezing mark on six days in the month, the last being 26 degrees on April 16.
The maximum wind speed of 83 miles per hour accompanied the storm that rocketed through Ava on Monday morning, April 28, causing significant damage.