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LEPC, Fire Chiefs Meet To Plan Upcoming Exercise

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) met Monday, April 14, in the Ava/Douglas County EMA Office. The meeting of the LEPC was followed by a meeting of fire chiefs of Douglas County.
The main topic of the LEPC was the organization and planning of a tabletop exercise to be held in June, in which members of the community’s emergency response group will simulate the rupture of a natural gas pipeline between Ava and Mansfield.
Summit Natural Gas, MoDOT, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and Red Cross, as well as news facilities, Emergency Management, government agencies and other organizations and resources will be brought into the scenario as the disaster unfolds.
As a secondary part of last week’s meeting, fire departments of the county are working with the Ava Senior Citizens and the Southwest Missouri Office on Aging in an effort to make smoke detectors available to the elderly and handicapped of the county.
An anonymous donor has made funding available for the purchase of a limited number of smoke alarms.
In Ava, the Ava Senior Center is taking names of those who need alarms in their homes. In the outlying areas of the county, each rural fire department is compiling a list of names in their local community, with an emphasis on those who have physical handicaps as well as those who are vision and hearing impaired.
Special alert systems are available for those with handicaps, but these units must be hard-wired and will require professional installation, which can also be arranged.
If you are elderly or handicapped and need smoke alarms in your home, please contact Bonnie Evans at the Ava Senior Center (417-683-5712), or contact the rural fire department in your community and get your name on a list as soon as possible.
This funding is only available for a limited time.