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March Was Month Of Extremes

The month of March was a month of extremes, temperature-wise, with a low reading of 2 degrees on March 3 and a high of 77 on March 11.
Almost four inches of rainfall was scattered throughout the month, with the heaviest single amount of 1.59 inches recorded on March 16.
The only other day with over an inch of precipitation was on March 3 when 1.04 was recorded. Unfortunately, most of that was in the solid form, as a mixture of freezing rain, sleet and snow that accumulated to a depth of seven inches.
Even as we turn the calendar to April, we’re still experiencing some morning low temperatures below freezing, but hopefully the bitter cold of the past winter is now behind us and we are beginning to see a spring pattern develop, with afternoon temperatures in the 60s and 70s becoming a little more frequent.
These weather statistics are tabulated by Billy Long, who logs weather information for the National Weather Service through the Community Weather Involvement Program (CWIP) .