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Ava Students Earn Medals at SCA Science, Math Relays

Twenty-two students from Ava High School competed in the SCA Science and Math Relays at Mtn. Grove last week and came away with second place overall in the competition.

The SCA Conference Math and Science Relays were held on March 18 at Mountain Grove High School. More than 100 of the top math and science students in the area competed in a variety of subject areas for medals and the coveted top school trophy.
The following 22 Ava students participated in this year’s event and helped to give Ava 2nd place overall honors: Titus Pinkney, Paden Coonts, Taylor Haltom, Jacob Leubbering, Chandler Roberts, Savanna Rode, Alexis Beverlin, Meghan Whitacre, Casey Richie, Jennifer Withers, Tristan Haltom, Samantha Harris, Fred Haden, Rheanna Bryson, Harlie Gunter, Flo Kevers, Deevala Rawlings Zak Vance, and Devin Stewart.
Recognition and medals were given to these high-scoring Ava students/teams.
Measurements: 1st Taylor Haltom; 2nd Chandler Roberts.
Algebra I: 1st Paden Coonce; 4th Savanna Rode.
Biology I: 5th  Fred Haden.
Physical Science: 4th Taylor Haltom.
Biology II: 5th Devin Stewart
Geometry: 4th Taylor Haltom
Probability and Statistics: 3rd Tristan Haltom.
Physics: 4th Samantha Harris.
Team Tests:
Freshman Team: 1st place (Titus Pinckney, Chandler Roberts, Jacob Leubbering, Paden Coonce)
Sophomore Team: 4th place (Meghan Whitacre, Casey Richie, Jennifer Withers)
Junior Team: 1st place (Fred Haden, Tristan Haltom, Samantha Harris, Harlie Gunter).