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What About This…? 3.13.2014

By Wayne William Cipriano

The song of the day is theme song of “The Beverly Hillbillies”. I can’t remember when I last heard it, but the melody and two complete verses were as fresh in my memory as when I first heard them. Isn’t it a rush when you find yourself that well wired?

The “Song of the Day” has been a feature, and bane, of our house for a long time. One of us will hum, whistle, or sing a few bars of some tune or another. Someone else will say, “oh, no, not…” and say the name of the tune and then it will spread through the family like the flu.

When I have some time on my hands and I feel like a treat, I will call our daughter Reneé and sing the following misquoted lyrics to a Caribbean beat: “Put the lime in the coconut and make yourself a drink; Put the lime in the coconut it’s later than you think.”

Reneé will be pressured by irresistible psychological forces to sing that tune for the rest of the day until she goes to sleep that night.

Being a Dad this long it is still very rewarding to have such a powerful effect on our children’s behavior.

Mwa, ha, ha, ha. . . .