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Wright County Retired Teachers Executive Meeting

The following people met at the Marler home on Wednesday, February 26th, for brunch and a planning meeting:  Sharon and Jimmie Marler, Vicki Stewart, Karen Sinning, Virginia Serghides, Elaine and George Duey, Sue Durden, Nancy Smith, and Randy Adams.  Everyone brought food so we had a very good brunch.  The 2014 meetings and speakers were decided for our 6 regular meetings.  March 18- Virginia Serghides- on Israel and Cyprus; April 15- Jenni Sanders-on Common Core Standards; May 20- Joy Edquist Bell- on mission trip to Ethiopia; September 16- State MRTA representatives Barbara Self, Jim Kreider, and Karen Miller; October 21- Kirby Crisp on flower arranging; November 18- Tony Dugger, Mo. State Representative.  Mark your calendars: 10 a.m. at the Country Living/; Assisted Living Facility in Mtn. Grove.  Our mission is the Wright Co. Children’s Home.  Remember to bring an item for the Home to the meetings.  Questions:  Call President, Karen Sinning- 417-668-5994.