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Ava High School Hoopcoming Will Be Held This Saturday Afternoon (Maybe)

Although the weather has certainly not been a cooperating advocate to school events this winter, Ava High School plans to hold its annual Hoopcoming coronation this Saturday afternoon in conjunction with the scheduled basketball games.
This year’s Hoopcoming candidates are, for queen: Maison Bovard, Shelby Campbell and Bailey Lee; and for king: Seth Dobbs, Cooper Emerich and Brandon Guengerich. All six candidates are seniors.
Games in the early part of the week were canceled or postponed, but with a favorable weather forecast for the latter part of the week, school officials are anticipating the games with Aurora will be played on Saturday, beginning at 3 p.m.
Hoopcoming candidates were selected before students were dismissed for Christmas break, with anticipation of a week of Hoopcoming activities upon the return this week. But, because of the major winter storm last weekend, students have been unable to return.
School officials are only hoping the moderating temperatures will allow schools to reopen by today (Thursday).
Hoopcoming activities on Saturday call for a special “Hoopcoming Open Hallways” on Saturday, from 1 to 3 p.m.
High School Principal Teresa Nash said the plan is to open the school early so parents can walk the hallways and view the various Hoopcoming decorations and artwork designed and prepared by the students.
And, what happens if schools are not able to reopen before Saturday? Mrs. Nash was straight-forward with her answer: ”I have no idea.”
If students are not back in school before Saturday’s scheduled Hoopcoming, one option would be to allow students to come in prior to the games and vote for their favorite candidates. Or, depending on the weather of the next couple of days, the event may be postponed, and rescheduled for another day.
Hoopcoming events are supposed to wrap up Saturday evening with a dance from 5 to 10 p.m. in the elementary gym.