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Council Approves Key Purchases, Implements Street Sign Program

By Sue Curry Jones

On Tuesday afternoon the Ava Board of Aldermen listened to two city employees as they offered bids for equipment acquisitions.  Police Chief Reggie Johnson presented bids for the purchase of a car for the Ava Police Department, and Randy Hawkins, supervisor of the street department, presented options for the purchase of a new compactor unit for a city trash truck.  Both purchases received unanimous approval from the board.

The request for adding a new car to the police department’s fleet of vehicles had been presented to council on Tuesday, Nov. 14, by Police Chief Reggie Johnson.   After that session, Johnson solicited three bid options, with two presented Tuesday evening for review. They were as follows:

(1) 2014 Ford all-wheel drive police interceptor sport utility vehicle, a demo car with 3,679 miles, $23,879;

(2) 2014 Ford all-wheel drive police interceptor sport utility vehicle, new, $27,061.41.

With $22,000 earmarked for a car, council selected the demo car for the department. The demo, which is still under warranty, is being purchased from Republic Ford Lincoln, in Republic, Mo.   The bid for a new car, which is noted above as (2), was received from Romines Motor Co., of Houston, Mo.

Johnson said Friendly Ford was also contacted, but a response was never received.

Ric Engelhardt and Bill Long made motions to purchase the car.

Randy Hawkins, superintendent of the street department, explained one of city’s trash compactor units is in bad shape.  Hawkins said the 1997 International truck that carries the unit is sound and in good shape, but the compactor needs to be replaced.

Hawkins suggested the purchase of an 18-yard capacity unit, which could be used for residential pick-ups on Wednesdays and Thursdays. He noted that having an additional unit would lessen the constant wear and tear on a truck, and the 18-yard unit would also be a good spare.

With $40,000 in the budget for the expenditure, Hawkins presented two bids for consideration:

–– Downing Sales & Service, Inc., Phillipsburg, Mo. offered a R218B Pakmor 18-yard rear load refuse body, with options, $49,360. The trade-in value acknowledged on the bid subtracted $10,000 from the total, making an overall cost of $39,360.

–– Armor Equipment, of Arnold, Mo. offered a Heil 18-yard PT1000 rear load compactor bed, with options, for $62,707.  The trade-in of $5,500 for the city’s unit, lowered the final purchase price to $57,707.

Council accepted the Downing Sales & Service bid, with motions tendered by Burrely Loftin and Ric Engelhardt.

During closed, councilmen hired Kurtis McGee to fill the position of city building inspector.  Lyle Piland, who presently oversees the duties, has plans to retire in 2014, and McGee was engaged to fill the slot.

According to the City of Ava, McGee has 17 years of experience in the construction field, as well as national building code experience.

Piland intends to leave the job in February 2014.

During closed session, the Board also accepted a letter of resignation from Anthony Carmichael, a dispatcher for the police department.  The vacated position will be filled through Penmac Staffing.

With 4-0 votes, council adopted two resolutions Tuesday evening.  One bill authorized city personnel to apply for grant funds offered by the Department of Natural Re­sources Water Protection Program to cap City Well No. 2.   The grant applica­tion must be completed by June 1, 2014, and if awarded, the city would receive approximately $11,900 to cap the well site.

The grant will pay for 90% of the expense, with Ava’s out-of-pocket costs totaling $1,175.

Well No. 2, which is no longer in use, was built in 1924 and fails to meet current state standards.

The second resolution was for the acceptance of the sign maintenance program previously examined in November meetings. The initiative, entitled Life Expectancy Program, dictates that city street signs are systematically reviewed, replenished or replaced when deemed ineffective or inadequate.  The plan specifies management methods and guide­lines for creating an inventory of records, managing upgrades and reg­ular maintenance, preserving sign reflectiv­ity and nighttime visibility stand­ards, and rules for improved safety.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, sign maintenance programs must be in place by June 13, 2014.

The aldermen voted 4-0 to cancel the next council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 24.  However, Mayor Eddie Maggard advised that if an important issue should arise, the aldermen would be notified and a meeting time scheduled.  Barring unforeseen difficulties, city officials and council members will reconvene on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014.

Councilmen present were Burrely Loftin, Ric Engelhardt, Bill Long and David Norman.